Asian Pear

Standing at the kitchen window leaving a message for my married lover, I admire the Asian pear just outside.

Its limbs stretch across the walk,
gifting soft white blossoms from itself every spring.
People tell me to cut it back,
it is where it is not supposed to be, but

it is so beautiful and I am so lonely.

Day 3 of 30 for the Wednesday Muse.

I doubled up today. You can find my other, unlinked, poem HERE, at Mamba.


tonispencer said…
Oh fren! This is perfect. The tree that keeps you from being lonely . It is so beautiful and I am so lonely...those last lines clutch at the heart.
Carrie Van Horn said…
It is right where it should be. This is so lovely Shay! Loneliness eased by an Asian pear limb. Touching in so many ways!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Yes, the lonely make friends with what is at hand. Once, for me, when I was young, it was the lightbulb over the sink. That flowering vine sounds like a beautiful friend indeed. Loved this poem (of course).
Magaly Guerrero said…
Some limbs are just too perfect for us to shorten or let go of.

And now, I want Asian pear. I don't even like Asian pear! But I'm totally walking to the store to get one.
Vicki said…
I love this and that you let the tree grow wild and out of control.
grapeling said…
you write of suffering so keenly ~
A wild pear . . love the writing . . :)
hedgewitch said…
I know that pear--and I find it very real in this poem, almost outside my own,love, hope--all those memories, are a song in the mind that we cling to. Few words, but the perfect capture of a fleeting feeling. Well done, Shay.
Margaret said…
Oh... I LOVE the subtle comparison of the beautiful, overhanging tree and the married lover! Very smart indeed!