Big Bucks

The woods being full of hunters,
some deer escape to a televised quiz show.
Who wrote the swing classic "Sing, Sing, Sing"?
The deer do not know.
(It was Louis Prima.)

The deer prefer Glenn Miller, 
though they cannot afford to ride the Chattanooga Choo Choo
unless they win big in the next round.

Who composed "The Song of the Volga Boatmen"?
The deer look at each other.
One of them dips his antlered head and buzzes in.
"Unknown," says the deer. "It's a traditional Russian piece,
popularized in the U.S. by Glenn Miller."
Correct! Bonus round!
In what year did his version hit #1 on the charts?
"1941," responds the deer. Too easy.

Later on, a herd of deer board a train.
They read a magazine and then they're in Baltimore.
The bucks clatter their racks on the Phoenix Shot Tower.
One doe asks another, who wrote "In The Mood"?
Joe Garland and Andy Razlaf,
but she is not smirking for knowing the answer.

for Sunday Muse #81


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Only you could think this up. I love it. Love the songs. Smiles.
Cloudia said…
"They read a magazine and then they're in Baltimore."
Why don't you choo choo me home!

Love the deer
Carrie Van Horn said…
Like Sherry said, only you could think this up Shay. A brilliant and clever poetic satire. I love this! 🤩
Carrie Van Horn said…
Oh and you had me at Big Bucks! 😄
Petru J Viljoen said…
Satisfactorily bemused!!
brudberg said…
Oh deer... this was a fun read, but will the big bucks be any good for the does?
Sioux Roslawski said…
I thought what everyone else thought: Only Shay could come up with something so amusing and so clever.
Truedessa said…
This was a surprise read filled with originality. Enjoyed this from start to finish.
indybev said…

Well, this was quite a fantastical trip! It left me smiling!
C. Sandlin said…
This made me smile (technically, grin like a pumpkin...but only the dogs are here to verify that).
Susie Clevenger said…
This is a perfect interpretation of the image. You had me cackling.
Love your choice of songs!