Thirteen Things

1. Snow, everywhere, heavy as old boots, bright as a policeman's flashlight.

2. Night. Then day. Then night again. Dizziness. The carpet's range of aspects.

3. Birds bringing messages. Their particular songs. The feeder swaying.

4. An ambulance. Someone on the floor, then not. 

5. Day, then night, then day again. A shifting array of shadows on the roof of an empty house. 

6. White, everywhere. Sheets laundered a thousand times. An intrusive light, concentrated to a pinpoint.

7. Birds on the sill. Their particular coloring. The feeder still, on its pole.

8. Snow, everywhere. A new ramp, smelling of sawn pine.

9. Lights in the windows of a house. Lights like the golden skin of french fries on a plate.

10. Birds on bare branches in the yard. Silver wheels. The feeder taken down and filled.

11. All day, television interview programs. Dr. Phil right back after this break.

12. Snow, disappearing like memories. Afternoon sun, bright and harsh as temps from the agency.

13. Birds in flight over a house. Someone's photograph in a frame. An orange cat sunning itself, then nothing.

for Thursday 13 and Midweek Motif--"winter."


colleen said…
This reads like a poem! I love the inclusion of Dr. Phil and the orange cat!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Glorious images to contemplate. I especially admire the lights the colour of French mind took a leap and recognized that is EXACTLY the colour, though I never would have thought of it. A wonderful read.
Susan said…
I enjoyed how ". . . bright as a policeman's flashlight" sets the scene for the light/dark, off-on imagery as you "pinpoint" 13+ things. "Dizziness." "Sheets laundered a thousand times." I like the sounds, the birds, the color of the lights. Bravo for an exceptional poetic experience!
sandyland said…
enjoyed this so much welcome
Jenna said…
I really like this. It intrigues me, even though (because?) I don't quite know what it's about. Also, I agree with Sherry!

Thank you for sharing an insight to life and living in a snowy environment...Lights the colour of French fries with skin on....Yes, reminiscent of the lights in Switzerland and mountain villages during snowy days and nights!
Ron. said…
Thoroughly enjoyable, well-focused scattershot. Nicely captured images. Salute!
CountryDew said…
Welcome to Thursday 13! I hope you join us often. Very nice images here in your poem. The line about the ambulance was scary!
Kim M. Russell said…
I so enjoyed your list poem, Shay, and that there are thirteen things – thirteen has a bad reputation as a number. I like the flashes of things, they made me a bit dizzy too, especially the swaying feeder and the shifting shadows, and I love the peacefulness of the orange cat sunning itself.
Your blog is amazing. A treat to read and to look at. You are very creative...
The images that are evoked by your writing are mostly pleasant ones. lol Ambulances scare me.