Thanks for the invitation, but last time you wouldn't let Molly past the front door. She hasn't forgotten and neither have I. 

What was the big thing with making me take my boots off?
Ooooh, imported rugs,
and everybody making a big deal out of your barfy tea.
Bitch, please.
Next thing you'll build a she-shed with paper walls.

Nope, me and Molls will be nine miles from here,
Molls with her ear buds in.
(She likes western swing.)
We stop and doze any time we want,
Molly dreaming of a bag of warm oats
and me dreaming that I'm dreaming, which will be true.

So go step in a gopher hole, girl.
You can post it on social media and call it a wine grotto.

for Sunday Muse #82 where I am hostessing. Bring your pony.


Carrie Van Horn said…
I think you and Molls will be a whole lot happier free from imported rugs and all that stuffiness of snobs drinking their tea! Love this Shay!! I think that we both went down the same path, but mine is all serious and yours is way more fun!! :-))
Fireblossom said…
Carrie, your "all serious" poem is full of wisdom and goodness. I loved it. And yeah, keep Manhattan just gimme that countryside! ;-)
Carrie Van Horn said…
Thank you so much Shay!! And yes, green acres is the place to be! :-))
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love it....Molly, dreaming of oats, and you dreaming you'll be dreaming. I would rather spend time with an animal than a human any time. Had to grin at the she-shed. LOL.
brudberg said…
Oh the difference between the posh and the country... incompatible I guess (though a wine grotto sounds kind of nice).

She-shed sounds a lot like a man-cave... and I would prefer nature over both.
hedgewitch said…
Love the grit and the spit in this--the voice is vintage Fireblossom slashed with just a whisper of our old friend Coal, and it absolutely skewers the pretentious and the shallow. The cowgirl dream which was an all-enveloping childhood fantasy for me, and what brought me to red dirt Oklahoma, comes alive and shows its value here. Ride on, baby.
C. Sandlin said…
Love the insistence on living in her own dream and the way the entire poem bounces.
I like reading this as if it’s secretly X-related.
Truedessa said…
"Dreaming you will be dreaming" sound like some lucid dreaming. Enabling you to take those reins and go wherever you want. No need to worry about imported rugs. I prefer walking in nature. I enjoyed the spunky tone throughout this piece.
TheRustGeek said…
The freedom of being wild! Nice
Horses and people need to be free . . . And listen to music! Love this, Shay!
Love the carefree attitude here! Beautiful!