The Troublesome Book

I am done with a book, but it is not done with me.
I go to the movies.
There is the book, hanging over the back of the seat in front.
"I was better," says the book, bitterly.
"But I am done with you," I tell it. 

I start a new book.
The old book falls off the shelf and knocks the new book aside.
"Motherfucker!" we say simultaneously.
I throw the old book into the fire,
but it just looks darker and more dangerous.

I enjoyed the book, at the time.
(The book and the clock got along famously.)
I took the book into my bed, into my heart.
But now I am done with the book and there are so many other books.
On this, the clock and I agree, which makes the book crazy.

I tell the book to forget me,
though, as is sometimes the case, I am unable to follow my own advice.
I will recommend the book to my friends.
I will review it favorably.
But the book is full of hate and wants to kill me and my new book, both.

After a few days, my new book becomes an old book also.
They join forces,
follow me down the street,
troll my place of employment,
spread lies about me.
I tell my troubles to the tv. It says, forget books, I love you, you're home.

for Bits Of Inspiration at Toads.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Lol, I love it! Only you could think up an old book's feelings when we go on to a new book. I love it bitterly saying, of the movie, "I was better". Your mind is just the best!
Susie Clevenger said…
Oh I love this! A book relationship...Only you could describe it so brilliantly. I'd love to see your poem turned into a short film. It would be dark humor and scary at the same time. Thank you so much for writing for the prompt, the wait was well worth it!!
hedgewitch said…
Gracious me, Shay. This was as perfect as perfect gets--it was so good I read it to my son out loud, who laughed. You are getting to be very adept with this form, and I can't wait to read more. Those last two stanzas were my favorite, but obviously, the poem is a complete thing, a whole narrative from the first word.
brudberg said…
I know a few books that has kept me sleepless... and sometimes I'm sure I can see them following me...

(The Plague by Camus is one of those books) Supertramp was a nice reminder, I got the record when finishing high-school.
Vivian Zems said…
A refreshing take on the prompt! Those old books insist on haunting us, don’t they?
Helen said…
Simply stunning.

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