Problem Solver Hat

Let me put on my Problem Solver Hat;
you, the Leotard of Cosmic Awareness.
At the Millinery of Magnified Presence
I purchase the Fez of Authentic Living,
the Tam O' Shanter of Burnished Truth,
and the Toque of Conscious Benevolence.

At the Holy Haberdashery,
you shed the Muumuu of Self-Doubt
and don the Necktie of Numberless Eternity.
To this you add the Cummerbund of Creative Existence,
the Skorts of Peaceful Intention,
and the Jeggings of American Luminescence.

Exhausted, we tumble to the Divan of Divine Passion
but find ourselves encased in cocoons of unending cloth.
I murmur to you from under heavy layers of gauze
and you reach for me through geologic strata of material.
How can this be?
The frustration is maddening!
What to do?
Let me put on my Problem Solver Hat...

for Just One Word at Toads.


Sherry Blue Sky said…
Oh my goodness, you are a maestro of words and a wizard of imagination. I could not string together THREE words as clever as yours. I enjoyed this hugely, especially the frustration of the fully-clothed at the end. Grinning.
Kim M. Russell said…
Now I’m looking for a Problem Solver Hat, Shay, that looks like the one in your image! I love the phrases ‘Millinery of Magnified Presence’ and ‘Divan of Divine Passion’. My favourite lines:
‘I murmur to you from under heavy layers of gauze
and you reach for me through geologic strata of material.’
Marian said…
OMG just love this! Hah. The Toque of Conscious Benevolence really got me. Sometimes I do feel like this... wrapped up in everything I can find to avoid being seen or touched. Yep.

Also Shay, I adore this font for your poems! Really, really love it. Very cool and super-readable for my achey eyes. Looks great.

brudberg said…
If there jest was such a hat... I find that the more we try the more tangled it gets.
Helen said…
Love love this! I need me one of them thar hats!!!!
Rommy said…
If American Luminescence did have a garment associated with it, it absolutely would be jeggings.
Fantastic steampunk hat and wonderful words to go along with it!
Carrie Van Horn said…
I want this hat and need this hat!! This is awesome Shay!
Susie Clevenger said…
Where can I buy that hat? Oh this made me smile. Thank you, I needed to read this today. Love, love, this poem
Margaret said…
This is the kind of creativity I lack... I try but fall so short and rarely post these attempts. And THIS has really NO connection with this post other than period dress. You might not enjoy her, my kids say they don't like her voice, but I find it endearing, and she is so unique a personality... her You Tube channel is Bernadette Banner I'll try to link. She makes period garments and I just love watching and listening to her. I told my kids I want to hit these flea markets in the spring... You might have to google her name on You Tube and then look for "Antique Hunting at New York City's Weekend Flea Markets" She has a ton of videos - about sewing etc. I don't sew clothes (yet) just quilt, but I love the history she wraps up in a lot of her videos. Let me know if you like her. And... thank you for encouraging my sweet boy. He is my youngest and my heart - all of his sisters and brother adore him... but we worry as school is hard for him. You know how it is with sons... I hope yours brings you joy and he is doing well :) Thanks, Shay, it meant a lot to have you post him on your side bar - he was amazed. If I had offered his sisters $10 a poem, I would have been bankrupt, but he seems to be more inspired by the comments he has received lately. :P
Other Mary said…
Hahahaha - love it! And I want to go clothes shopping with you!!!
I absolutely love this, Shay. The problem solving hat is quite a specimen. But, so is the Toque of Conscious Benevolence!