Monday, May 12, 2008

Dreams And Roses

Dear readers: I've written the following from a prompt on Poets Who Blog Interactive. The prompt was to choose any line from Leonard Cohen's song "I'm Your Man" and to make that the first line of a piece of otherwise original writing. Here is mine.

I've been running through these promises to you*
Like a field of pretty words we've grown by moonlight;
I've been moving through the dreams of the things you said to me--
Does it matter now that none of it turned out right?

Don't look at me that way
Don't promise that you'll stay
Just leave your key wrapped in the rose that time is bending;
Forgive the promises I've broken,
Leave the rest of it unspoken
Dreams and roses, moons and whispers all past mending.

*from "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen


writerwoman said...

So beautiful. You did an awesome job with this. I like yours even better than what I came up with.

writerwoman said...

Just leave your key wrapped in the rose that time is bending;

I'm in love with that line!

Fireblossom said...

Thank you, WW, for your very kind words. LC is probably my favorite songwriter.

And...I kinda liked that line myself lol.

Anonymous said...

Another moving piece, Shay. I love these:

"pretty words we've grown by moonlight"

"wrapped in the rose that time is bending"

"moons and whispers all past mending"

Such pain in having to leave things unspoken. But so many relationships must end that way.