Saturday, May 17, 2008

Gandhi Meets Hannibal Lecter

Gandhi meets Hannibal Lecter


At the Stop N Shop on Punjabi Road.

While considering a super jumbo coffee,

Lecter says

What's with you?

Wearing diapers

And those sissy glasses?

How can you go through life

Passively resisting

Like some prissy schoolgirl?

Don't you ever

Want to feel the passion and the power

Of blood squishing through your fingers just because you could?

Don't you ever

Just want to be bad?

Gandhi selects some sunflower seeds

And says,

My friend,

Don't you feel foolish

In that hockey mask

And straightjacket,

Wheeled in here

On a beerman's trolley

Like a dumb beast

Or a hellish baby?

Doesn't it ever bother you

Pretty counter girls calling the police

Instead of smiling?

And don't you realize

With every blade you twist

Just because you can,

You are really skewering your own heart

'Til it is scarred

And deformed

And as useless as a rotten potato?

You get away with nothing, suggests Gandhi.

I get away with everything, insists Lecter.

Go home and pray, advises Gandhi.

You'd look good on a plate, muses Lecter.

But at least we agree

(they say in oddly beautiful unison)

On the fava beans.


Cynthia said...

Wow! Your mind is AMAZING Shay!
enjoyed this.

Louise said...

Really good, got me chuckling, not sure if I was supposed to be! excellent write :)

hedgewitch said...

One of my favorites. Pure gold.

flaubert said...

You are a delight, Shay. Only you would think of this, and that title is awesome.


Gemma Wiseman said...

Every word sharpened the mind and tantalised the senses! Brilliant!

Brian Miller said...

haha. this would be a meeting i might love to witness...fava beans....(sucks lips)...ha. fun piece to choose shay...

Anonymous said...

only you would even think of these two having a conversation! have a great weekend, Shay. ♥ d

Kerry O'Connor said...

What a comical twist to the meeting of worldly opposites.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy awesome. Revive it, please! :)

I think these two people live in my head and have this conversation daily. Is that just me, or is it everyone? Oh how our extremes war against one other.

This is where I started cracking up, and I just kept right on going through the whole thing. LOVED it! ... "While considering a super jumbo coffee,
Lecter says
What's with you?
Wearing diapers
And those sissy glasses?"