Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Hill Is Closer To Heaven

The hill is closer to Heaven

But lonelier for that.

When I come to bed with you,

My head gets light;

I must remind myself to breathe

Just to look into your eyes.

The hill is closer to Heaven

But lonelier for that.

Hush, sweetheart,

Never mind...

I will be clouds

When I softly touch your cheek;

I will be the little goat who makes her home

Close against your side.


rwellsrwells said...

It is a lovely poem, with good imagery, and a terrific bridge between verses. Thanks.

Fireblossom said...

Thank you, RW!

totomai said...

such a sexy read. well described and written :-)

Fireblossom said...

Thank you totomai. I'm glad you stopped in.

Mama Zen said...

The little goat is unexpected, but so soft and perfect!

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i find this sweet and tender shay...i think the goat is a great unexpected touch.

Helen said...

Sweet, innocent ... #6.

Rene Foran said...

this is really pure and tender. Had I known you in 2008 I would have definitely chimed in with a thought or two. :)

Lynn said...

It is beautiful, FB, and I would have commented if I had been your blog friend in 2008. :)

Kerry O'Connor said...

There is something infinitely tender and touching about this love expressed. It takes a lot for people to admit how they feel, and these words are a gift without strings.

Sara said...

A what a wonderful love story-poem it is. I also noticed it no longer languishes with just five:~)

I loved the last stanza. The idea of the "little goat" making her home close to "against your side." Now that's not only lovely (in the true meaning of that word) it's also passionate:~)

myheartslovesongs said...

only you could make a "little goat" so sexy!

a beautiful love poem, Shay! you always do them so well! ♥

flipside records said...

"The hill is closer to Heaven
But lonelier for that."

This is all the poem I needed right here. So profound. So true. Thankfully, it is also closer to the moon, right? One good friend will do. :)