Concrete Heartbeat

Someone thieved the life from this day--

Like a museum of the flu,

An exhibit of the exhausting...

Today is

a failed photo

a blind statue

a bust.

Ugh. I'm ill.


  1. Okay I'm going over there to bust that thieving varmint flu's butt!!!

  2. Poor sick bunny. I feel for ya' (it's been a busy little sod, and has left it's calling card over here too, sob).

    Hope you've woken feeling a little better?

  3. I don't see how the evil bug can dare to stick around in the face of such a cadre of wonderful readers. I've rung off work and intend to be a total slug all day in hopes of feeling better tomorrow.

    Thanks for the comments, gang. :-)

  4. I hope the flu flees.

  5. Thanks, gals, I'm happy to report that I am back in the pink. :-)

  6. This is two days ago, so hopefully you are on the mend. xo


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