Meme Thingggggggggg!

Sings: it mussst be Christmas la la la la

Jannie Funster has tagged me by way of Mama Zen, and I make it my business never to go against the wishes of two such august personages. So, without further ado--


1. Putting up the home-made Santa on my front door. When I was with my partner, L., she had a friend who was into crafts and all of that, and she made this perfectly delightful Santa face and gave him to us. L never seemed to like it all that much, but I did, and when we split, I nabbed Santa and he has been with me ever since! He's my mannnnnn! *giggles*

2. I love the Patrick Stewart version of "A Christmas Carol" and try to watch it every year. I have two such movie traditions: "Dark Night of the Scarecrow" every Halloween, and this one every Christmas. I think Mr. Stewart ("Captain Picard"!) does a marvelous job as Scrooge, and the entire thing just makes me happy!

3. My Charlie Brown snow globe, given to me by earth's number one boy, Joe. My Joe, he's the apple of his Shaymom's eye, and he knew I cry every time I watch Charlie Brown Christmas and so he went and dug up this wonderful little snow globe with Charlie Brown, Snoopy (I love you, Snoopy!!!) and their Christmas tree. The little draggly tree in the cartoon always makes me want to take care of it. And when Linus gives his little Christmas speech, I always lose it. Sniff. Smile.

4. Television jewelry store ads. They are always so sweet and romantic, and some gal is always being given something wonderful and gee, who doesn't want to be THAT gal? I sure do! The Cat Powers version of "How Can I Tell You" on the music player here is from a jewelry store ad. If only I had some wonderful handsome boyfriend who would give me some expensive beautiful gift for Christmas, and then go away and leave me alone and not expect sex, ever. How cool would that be! Sighhhhhh.

5. Slow, wistful versions of "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas." The gay girl's family hasn't invited her for years now, and I love the idea of having some loving base to return to. maybe someone will adopt me, some year. Until then, I'll have to muddle through somehowwwww. And anyway, it's such a pretty song, it makes me sad/happy every time I hear it.

I am turning over the next tag to my dog--strike that, make that WONDERDOG Bosco! Bosco, take it away!

Dis ish Bosco! I tag my frend Sharkbutt the cat!!! Me wonders if there ish a cat santa who brinks fitch!?


  1. I ADORE any version of the Christmas Carol.

  2. I'm the original Christmas Carol, born on Christmas day - grin.

  3. Where I live, there is a jewelry store that has been using the same jingle at Christmas time for well over 50 years. The first time that I hear it every year, it gives me a little thrill: it's Christmas!

    Consider yourself tagged AND adopted!

  4. Yeah, VM, there really isnt a bad one, is there? There is an ancient black and white version i really like, too. :-)

    Shrinky, you are indeed a shining star! ;-)

    Mama Zen, things like that can just be pretty cool, can't they? And wowwww, tagged and adopted both, it's my lucky day in blogland! Thanks!

  5. Shay, the story of the snowglobe was so sweet.

    And I'm sure some one will adopt you soon, and how lucky you both will be.

  6. Jannie, I love my little snow globe! It even plays the Charlie Brown music!


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