Tuesday, January 20, 2009



In a hot bath

On the top floor

In the late morning

With a lover just outside the door,

Can make your skin pink with pleasure

And your eyes close in contentment.

Love and Fear

Are sisters in the same room;


Is shaken from Love's hair.

Fear says,

"Ah, so you're leaving."


Is the perfect killer;

Cruelty is freezing

When it calls itself honesty

On the top floor

In the mid-evening

With a lover just inside the door,

She knows that


Taken edgy and solid from the dark sister's hand,

Is the perfect





jinksy said...

I love the sinister twist of this one. Have much enjoyed several of your poems this morning, but put in a plea - how can I turn off the music?! I like to read in silence...Help!
Once I find some earplugs, I'm sure I'll be back!

Mama Zen said...

Much too often we embrace the dark sister as the elder and the wiser.

This is really raw and beautiful, Shay.

Jannie Funster said...

No pun intended here but this one gave me chills.

That you for sharing your beautiful talent with us, Shay. You are such an individual.

Vodka Mom said...

i loved this!! You are incredible and surprising at the same time.

Riot Kitty said...

Beautiful as always...

Poutalicious said...


The dark sister never dies; she hides, and she always returns if it takes forever.

Perfect ending!

Kelly Dickson said...

i have a feeling this might have taken quite a lot out of you, and left you a bit depleted, but it was well worth it. I notice two themes in your writing with this one:

Is shaken from Love's hair.

it seems so easy to toss emotions about... in the name of?


Cruelty is freezing
When it calls itself honesty

... i take it you do not prescribe to the 'better to be honest than polite' school of thinking...

again, i see the humour, yes i do, coz super-hero K is behind another door, ready with her blow-torch, pow pow pow

((((((((((shay)))))))))))) xxxx

Fireblossom said...

Hello Jinksy, and welcome. As to the music player, I purposely put it near the top (on the right) so that it could be easily stopped by those who dont want the music. Just hit pause. ;-)

The older sister has often been the one to keep us alive when we were young, yes? Hard not to listen to her even after the threat has passed. Mama Zen, the raw ones are often my best, but they come at a price. I've suffered for my craft and now it's your tuen lol.

Jannie, I expect the world can only deal with one of me. Thank you for your constant encouragement and support, lady.

Well thank you, VM! Those are two pretty good things to be, I think. *walks away all puffed up*

Thanks Kitty Kat!

My word, isnt that the truth, Pouty? Glad you liked the ending. A mystery buff once told me that the perfect murder weapon is an icicle, because it melts afterward. I save information like that to use later for my own purposes. Bwahahaha.

Oh K, you made me laugh out loud with that last bit. The cape looks great on you, girl! I always love your thoughtful analysis of what I've created. Emotions tossed about because...a full vessel overflows. And no, I don't subscribe to the honesty at all costs way of thinking. People, to me, are more important than facts. Spoken like a dreamy poet, I know. There goes my career in astrophysics. ((((((K))))))))