Thursday, January 22, 2009

Two Story Poems

The creative tap seems to be turned to "on" and so here are two story poems in a single post.


The bath tub is unhappy.

"Though people come to me naked,

And give themselves, sighing, to my embrace,

All they ever leave me

Is dirt;

Warmed and soothed by me,

They rush off to meet somebody else.

It isn't as though I hadn't any charms--

Because I am a porcelain fixture,

My skin will never wrinkle

No matter how long a bath may last.

And yet,

I spend most of my time cold and alone.

If I could,

I would be a saddle

Or a sports car seat;

A pendant

Or a wedding ring.

Then I would be treasured, taken out, and shown off.

But I am too hard to be comfortable,

And too ponderous to be jewelry."

And so the bath tub is unhappy.

Remember that

Next time you soap up.

Remember that the lonely crave

A tender word.



A Hat and Scarf

Cannot agree.

"You just hang there," snipes the Hat. "It's repellent."

"Oh, excuse me," sneers the Scarf.

"So high and mighty, well la-de-da!

If not for someone's head holding you up,

You'd be lucky if Boots would be your friend!"

Soon, the rest have aligned into camps;

Coat is solidly with Hat,

While Mittens staunchly support Scarf.

As the temperature plummets,

The arguing goes on and on

Despite all hurt feelings,

And in spite of whatever thoughts each might privately have

When alone on a hook indoors.

It is like this all through January,

February as well,

And for weeks thereafter.

But Spring always comes, no matter what,

And the heavy, quarrelsome Hat and Scarf

Are replaced by

Silk and Straw

Who go together beautifully,

And would never dream of doing anything so tiresome

As bickering.



Anonymous said...

"But Spring always comes, no matter what"

Lovely words of wisdom, my friend

Kelly Dickson said...

all of a sudden i feel sorry for discarded socks, as everyone slips into sandals n flip-flops...

i love the bath one best, maybe it's coz i have a habit of running my mouth along the side of the bath when i am in it... and even sometimes when i am not. It's true, i just realised it now, i kiss my bath! lol


Fireblossom said...

Hi Tracey, I always love seeing you here. I think I wrote the line about spring always coming by way of trying to convince myself. My heart is leaden these days.

Oh K, only you would kiss the bath tub. It thanks you! (if it is the claw kind, I am sure its knees are weak)

Poutalicious said...

The Bath Tub X (3 sons)(1 significant other)(1 GF)(7 spoiled coworkers)(1 boss)
= Loneliness X 13

My poor hat and scarf! I promise to take them for a walk today but I may look pretty silly wearing them with my flip-flops. (teehee)

Keep it flowing.

Jannie Funster said...

Oh Sweet, on all accounts.

Ending of the hat and scarf so delightful.

I must be sure to give my bathtub a kiss later.

Mama Zen said...

The first is my favorite. Incredibly sad, though.

Riot Kitty said...

All they ever leave me is dirt! Sorry, that made me laugh :)

Art and Poetry said...

You are a very creative and original thinker!

David said...

bathtub is brilliant
i will change my ways!

Poutalicious said...

Fireblossom, I've been worrying about this bathtub all day. What happens as it gets old and people drop heavy objects and chip away at the porcelain? It probably rusts and then ends up with a hole that could go down into the drain and start stinking. See what you started; it could even leak onto the floor... We need to take care of our bathtubs!

Paris said...

Your work is always great...I especially like the bath one...keep up the great work..I'll be back! :)

Fireblossom said...

Thanks so much, everyone.

Pouty, silly, it's just a fixture, it can't think or feel. Who on earth made you think that it could? lol.

Poutalicious said...

Good one.