Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Love Poem In Extremis

Go down by the graveyard, darling;
I'll be there,
Carrying my patent leather heels in my hand.

Meet me where the headstones lean.
Wear a veil.
Come out of a cloud of crows, like a black sun.

My feelings for you stun me, always.
I am gripped with heart attack.
I fight for breath.

I wore a hussy's black lace for you,
And lied like a viper about where I was going;
Look around, everyone is dead. There is no one to sniff and deplore.

I am on my back in the decaying leaves,
Beneath a weeping angel made of stone.
Come to me, I beg you.

Under lowering clouds in late-day dusk,
Let's fuck as if our lives depend upon it--
Because they do, sweetheart,
They do.



Cloudia said...

Love the inevitability of the words
and where the weight falls!

Oh, and the poetess who creates is the true gift!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

"Come out of a cloud of crows, like a black sun." Were I able to write ONE SENTENCE as fantastic as that, I wouldnt need to write another word. (But do keep cranking them out, they are highly addictive.)Your writing, as always, is stunning. Really. But you must know that:)

Lynn said...

Wow. And I love that your poem includes patent leather shoes. :)

nene said...

Grappling with the least journey'd
world, the usually darker sides, is always novel and exciting. To participate in such with wonderfully selected words, with rhyme/rhythm, without concern of judgement is creative and courageous. Love it!

Jenny said...

Wow. Intense!

K9friend said...

Dark, intense, and ever so perfect!


Lolamouse said...

This says New Orleans to me. I absolutely LOVE the second stanza. Amazing imagery. When are you going to put out a book?

Daryl said...

There are so many individual phrases here that fill me with awe .. cant simply cite one or two .. okay so maybe I can:

My feelings for you stun me, always.
I am gripped with heart attack.
I fight for breath.


Marion said...

Wow! What a perfect, melancholy, dark, HOT poem! This one blew me away. So powerful...I wanted to run to my favorite cemetery and frantically hunt for you among the tombstones. (I love cemeteries and haunt them often, taking photos of the statues). You have an amazingly beautiful, creative imagination. I swoon. :-) xo

hedgewitch said...

I think you've pushed the envelope well past Poe--schooled him even. Such a contrast between the ethereal, otherworldly figure in black lace with patent leather heels in hand, and the final feral lines. My favorite parts are the second and third to the last stanzas though, with their relentless and painfully honest longing

Helen said...


Mama Zen said...

Simply amazing.

Ed Pilolla said...

you got me spinning...

Scarlet said...

Intense! Part of this reminds me of the Rumi quote, ""Beyond all right and wrong, beyond all good and evil there is a field. Meet me there." Only that would be the G rated version of what you're saying here. ;)

Anonymous said...

YES! Outstanding. I'm so glad you wrote this and I could read it. thanks, twinkly

Caty said...

very intense...and good! :)

Sara said...

I'm into the sensory side of writing right now and this poem does it so well. I like the darkness in the emotion, the visuals the textures, the smells and, of course, the touch:~)

I'm curious about something...do you write the poem first and then the picture or do find the picture, which then inspires the poem? I ask because this picture was perfect for the poem.

Anonymous said...

I just spent part of the day in an old graveyard full of robins, ravens, and golden aspens. I laid on the leaves to shoot a picture of the sky. I was going to write a poem about it but how can I? You are one amazing writer!

Anonymous said...

Sometime you just make me grin. This is one of those.