Saturday, October 22, 2011

J. Jenkins Pomeroy Considers

It takes no small talent
To turn nothing into something
The way I do,
And though everyone may not admire
The Godlike way I make things happen,
I do. Oh, I do!

You see this building here
With its ancient cheap veneer--
A false-fronted horror, how I detest it.
See the pantywaist poets inside
Drinking coffee from styrofoam cups--
They all hate me, I can sense it.

But I don't care!
And what's more,
I can already see the trendy upscale store
That is as good as built.
I won't trouble with these weaklings, or curse them;
I'll simply have the officers disperse them.
Bring in your crew, Mister Harvey,
Place good strong charges between the bricks
And let them fall on whatever heads they will.

Profit is fine and simple, but never simply gained;
People envy a man like me,
And my starched white shirt doesn't show the cum or the cocaine.
These boneless little squatters may not like
The way I get things done, it's true,
But oh, I do. I do!

for dverse poetics "the other"


hedgewitch said...

You have definitely gotten into the nasty warrens of a head I wouldn't want anywhere near me, except in the scathing confines of this piece. In particular, I could almost hear the droll gloat in those "I do's" I'm wanting a nice hot shower now.

Brian Miller said...

i just threw up in my coffee...i had thought to go this route...glad i did not or you would have showed me up...ugh...i feel like i need a shower after reading...and not the usual cold one..

Sherry Blue Sky said...

So well done. I'd love his roll of toilet paper, though!

Sioux said...

Yes, this spirit came up with a nasty character.

(Was Gracie Slick at the end of the previous post? If so, I missed her the first time.)

Natasha said...

Capitalism rocks don't it! I can see James Brown dancin round the Rocky ring singing Livin in America...all decked out in fools gold and fake diamonds. By the time we all sort this out, where only going to have words and history to go by...since we have so certainly proved we are not ones to learn from our history...guess it'll be left up to the poets! And you probably should have your character wipe his chin...before it drips on his shirt. ;) Sorry...couldn't help it, You know it!

Anonymous said...

This one is so close to home it hurts (no, not the persona) as I used to run a nonprofit arts center and have continual (as in seven and a half looong year) struggle with our slumlord, excuse me 'developer' - aptly we were named The Other Side Arts. Have to say my favorite part was the cocaine and cum. Ack, can't believe I just typed that word, 'developer'! If you didn't catch it on dVerse I called you the Queen of persona poems :). Long live the queen.

Mary said...

Wonderful persona poem for sure! Speaks reams.

Mark Kerstetter said...

I love when they invite artists in to clean up dilapidated city blocks in exchange for breaks on the rent. The artists come in, make it a beautiful happening scene, and once the neighborhood is safe for nice respectable shops, the landlords kick the worthless bohemians out.

Heaven said...

love your greedy money loving voice here:

"These boneless little squatters may not like
The way I get things done, it's true,
But oh, I do. I do!"

you rock dear ~

Anonymous said...

great imagery and you really made me despise this a-hole

lori said...

Once again, you've rocked us all with your words. I agree with all the comments. You've painted such an unsettling picture, and it's perfectly done.

Beachanny said...

The Satirical other of Fireblossom makes me smile uncomfortably. I only know him through this poem and that's too close!

Joanna Jenkins said...

Wow, I could see that nasty guy in my mind's eye. Great job.


kshawnedgar said...

That last stanza's the best. Nicely captured.

kez said...

pomposity is alive and kicking in this verse brilliantly portrayed thank you x

Kerry O'Connor said...

The sense of entitlement is most strongly felt here. You have done a superb job of creating a character who is startlingly real, in tone and attitude.

Claudia said...

honestly what i like about people like him is that they don't care a shit for what others think of them...that's the only thing though...fine write shay

tinkwelborn said...

poema persona...this is a cad. someone I wouldn't like. cutthroat. (presumably this is not you? LOL) I pick up on the same evilness in the speaker, that I did in Duke of Ferrara (My Last Duchess). good job.

Lynn said...

Wow - that ending!

Mama Zen said...

Eeew! This made me feel like I turned over a rock and discovered something icky. Damn fine write.

Lolamouse said...

I think I need a shower now.