Monday, October 31, 2011

Love Chant

(for  K  .

Happy Halloween, Honey!)

I made the witch
A black and fine array of gifts--
Amulet, ankh, and onyx stone,
A set of keys from black bear bone,
And a potion of pine tar pitch.

Men have laid their hearts at her feet,
And they lie there still, so still--
Now this woman waits by the storm-split tree
And love the witch she will, my dears,
And love the witch she will.

The marsh spirits cautioned me and said,
"Such folly to call the crow!"
But I'll sigh her name til I am dead
And down to Hell I go, my dears,
And down to Hell I go.

Now see my witch, she wears my stone,
And her Cherokee medicine smile--
She's meant to mark me as her own,
And has done all the while, my dears,
And has done all the while.

I adore the witch and we are two,
No pasty churchman's bitch--
To make a sweet black heart beat true,
Use sets of keys from black bear bone
And a potion of pine tar pitch!


Anonymous said...

The coven sanctitude you cast around your speakers and their lovers is pure verbal bat-wing, fer sure. It only gets spooky when a man intrudes. Enjoy your Sabbat midnite snack. - Brendan

Daryl said...

The perfect tribute to this day of halloween

Anonymous said...

Pitch perfect (sorry I couldn't resist - why do I suddenly feel toady ;))

hedgewitch said...

Can't fight that gris-gris. A halloween song ringing where the flames flare up brightest and still the eyes are never seen, only that glowing mark. A happy All Hallows to all the drinkers of the potion of pitch.

Lolamouse said...

Awesome Halloween love song! Happy Halloween to all!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I love the chant, the rhythm, the repeated lines. It is perfection. "And love the witch, she will."

nene said...

'Dia de los muertos' a serious tradition in Latin America(Mexico) in reminding all, through the brujas, vampires and diablos, certain kinds of conduits connecting life and death.

Brian Miller said...

love the echoes through out shay...cherokee medicine smile is a great descriptor as well...drink up

Sara said...

Perfect for Halloween. Nice and scary, but with the spice of love mixed in with the pine tar pitch and black bear bone. I loved this line ..."To make a sweet black heart beat true...

Hope all is well with you. BTW thank you and Bosco for the kind words about Ms. Dix:~)

Laurie Kolp said...

Spicy tone brewin'... Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Silly men. "No pasty churchman's bitch--" yeah had to giggle out loud.

Heaven said...

words flow beautifully my dears... enjoyed the spell you cast ~

happy halloween ~

Scarlet said...

Ooh...freaky fab-ness on this Halloween night! Have a fantastically frightful evening, my dear! ;)

Mama Zen said...

That is some might wicked spell casting! I love it!

Cloudia said...

good gifts-

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


Anonymous said...

"And down to Hell I go, my dears,"

Love it!! i'll be humming with those words in my head as i go to sleep ~ if you don't hear from me within 48 hours, please email the devil and tell him it was all your fault ~ to send me back as it's not my time yet.

okay? thanks, SP! {i'll forward you his email address in case you've lost it.}

Kerry O'Connor said...

There are so many things I love about this poem: the incantation and circular motion of the repetition in the first and last stanzas, the sense of feminine empowerment and the arcane atmosphere. But I think my favourite thing about it is the alliterative beat in such lines as:

Amulet, ankh, and onyx stone,
A set of keys from black bear bone,
And a potion of pine tar pitch.


Carrie Burtt said...

Sounds like your halloween was more fascinating than this Shay!

HermanTurnip said...

I'm lovin' the playful nature of this work! It puts me right back into a Halloween mood :-)

Lynn said...

How did I miss this? So cool.