Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Because Becca

Because Becca,
Hawks (which Becca likes) matter.
(More than blue jays, which Becca doesn't,
And which are nothing more than puffed-up mimics anyway.)
Also, sweet rolls
And switchblades.
Becca is greater than Sally, Meghan, Jane.
Becca is less than...
(Empty set.)
Because Becca,
I have worn my red hat,
Red scarf,
Black suede boots,
And jean jacket.
Because Becca,
They will all find new accomodations,
Placed by the extra heater
In Becca's white bedroom
Overlooking Stroud Avenue.
In the moments of dark late afternoon,
I posit:
"Because Becca, everything else."
The way I feel,
The way the world seems to be (better),
My body, full of endorphins,
Up a flight of stairs, and behind a multi-colored brick wall,
One storey up from Stroud Avenue.
The reverse is not true:
"Because everything else, then Becca."
That shit was all here before,
And so what?
Write this down, (I say to her dog,
Whose eyes lift up, but not his head, from his paws)
"Because Becca,
Everything else."
His tail thumps.
Eat my dust, pedants, philosophers, muthafukkas!

posited for Kenia's challenge at Real Toads.


hedgewitch said...

I like your metaphysical argument. Some things(beings) make other things totally, illogically different, and there is no 'splaining it. The intolerable becomes insignificant, the insignificant becomes rapture. We are strange, we humans. My fave part of this is the parenthetical sets, and of course, the rousing finale.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

I so adore this poem, up the flight of stairs, the private world one floor up from Stroud Avenue....and, especially, the dog lifting his eyes but not his head from his paws. I so love it when they do that. Love the ending too - Proof. Sigh. You sure can WRITE!

Hannah Stephenson said...

Wonderful work here, Shay. You let this work be close to you, I sound vulnerable and ferocious, both.

Brian Miller said...

switch blades and sweet rolls...sounds like my kinda gal...i like the empty set as well...proof for sure...says so right on the bottle...

HermanTurnip said...

Put this to jazz and you have a great poem to read on stage! I can picture the snapping of fingers at the end.

"sweet rolls and switchblades"

Mind if I expand on this great line in a short story?

Cloudia said...

sweet rolls and switchblades-

reminds me of my old MC!
Those gals were tough and loved to eat.
"Eat To Ride - Ride to Eat"
Wahine O Mana
I'm the last patch wearer I know of, though I don't fly it on my scooter. . . .

leather. . .
girls in leather....

what were we talking about?

Aloha from Waikiki

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Jinksy said...

I posit:
"Because Becca, everything else."

:)! metaphysics at its best.

Kenia Cris said...

SO beautiful I would like it to be a song - it would feel nice in more people's heads and hearts. Thanks for taking the challenge, you've done it adorably. <3

Ella said...

I love you take. The convo and details I found intriguing!
Great Job~

Poets United said...

Such a full narrative - so dig your gritty style.

Lynn said...

Becca sounds intriguing!

Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh how bravely you have knocked metaphysics out of the ball park! And I like your philosophy so much better anyway: Because [insert name of kindred soul], everything else... NOT the other way around.


TALON said...

I love it, Shay.

I'm left wondering why the proof is really necessary and for who? but that's just me :)

Daryl said...


Lolamouse said...

Now I finally understand metaphysics!

Heaven said...

I think I just did too ~

Thanks for the lesson ~

Mama Zen said...

"Becca is less than...
(Empty set.)"

That is just damn cool.

Anonymous said...

well, i kind of misread the ending ~ i thought you ended with "poof." that changes things, don't you think?

"I posit:
Because Becca, everything else."

i love the thought of you "positing" and from there you go to "muthafukkas" ~ the BEST of Shay, our very own poetic Ayn Rand.