Sunday, November 20, 2011

Well Fete Me And Feed Me Fish Heads...

...I got an award from Sara! (That's not Sara in the picture.)

You know Sara. She does the Sharing Connection blog! She gave me this 7 x 7 Award, which means I have to do this list of 7 "mosts" and then pass it on to 7 victims. This latter I cannot do. I don't know 7 people who will let me close enough to tag them. Pepper spray might be involved. So, I say no. Just no. 

But, I will do the "mosts"! Here they are. Read them. I'll know it if you don't. For your reading convenience, each link opens in a new window. I think of everything!  I should get an award! Oh wait, I did. Back to that. Back to the "mosts". 

Most Beautiful Post. I'm going to say "For Scorpio", which I just wrote less than a week ago. I almost didn't even post it. I got shy to say "I love you" so defenselessly.

Most Popular Post. "Le Printemps." The Spring. It was linked to both Magpies and One Shot Wednesday, and got 65 comments, making it my most popular, evah. Blogger lists my most viewed posts in my stats, but all of them are viewed mainly for the pictures that went with them, not for the posts themselves. So I am going by most comments instead.

Most Controversial Post. Well, I know which one that would be, but I'm going to let that particular sleeping dog lie. Let's go with my story "Blackbirds" which first appeared here at Word Garden, but since has moved over to my story blog Night Blooms. It is about a doubly forbidden love, murder, and...well, you'll just have to read it.

Most Helpful Post. Who else but my ever-helpful alter ego Babs St. Argent over at Objets D'art could have written anything so helpful as "How To Talk To Your Man"?

Most Surprisingly Successful Post. That has to be "The Hungry Pussycat", which was nothing but a bit of doggerel (catterel?) about an extraordinarily hungry feline who eats several states. It got 52 comments!

Most Underrated Post. Hands down, that has to be "The Hill Is Closer To Heaven", a short simple love poem that I have always thought was one of my best. It languishes with 5 comments.

And finally, Most Pride-Worthy Post: "Strippers." For all sorts of reasons.

Thank you, Sara, for thinking of me. Anyone who would like this award and its attendant labors, may pluck it! And thank you, readers.


Marion said...

Nice. You deserve many, many awards, stars, trophies and ribbons. (Clapping feverishly). xo

Sioux said...

I guess I never looked to see how long you have had your blog; I was scared, I suppose, figuring it would take months to go back and savor a year (or two, or three) of past posts.

Now I see why I was hesitant. In spite of the daunting task that now lies before me, I appreciated being able to read some poems that came before I got the Shay monkey on my back...

Helen said...

Going to do me some 'blog diving' ... can't wait to see what you might do with Magpie 92!

Rene Foran said...

This is a perfect short list of all things sensationally Shay. I have my personal favorites
but this is a great list.

hedgewitch said...

Some fine choices, especially the last. And I love the French maid outfit--you look divine. (Oh, not you?? That was the one in the pointy hat? My bad.)Grats on yet another award for your already groaning shelf.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

You definitely have the postests with the mostests, kiddo. Reading your poems is always the high spot of my day.

faye said...

congrats on the award..

Hannah Stephenson said...

I enjoyed revisiting your work--it's like a "greatest hits" album!

HermanTurnip said...

WooHoo! This is an award well deserved! Congrats!

Cloudia said...

My most visited post? The meditation of Jujube "Some Jujubes"
That Google search sends LOT of eyes too. It does explain lots of stages of jujube, and show the candy, but it's mostly a tribute to my little kitty's play name: JuJuBe!

Yeah, Daisy Clover in a dress WAS wrong!

Aloha from Honolulu

Comfort Spiral

> < } } ( ° >


< ° ) } } > <

Daryl said...

Much applause .. congrats on not passing it along .. and major congrats on receiving it!

Mama Zen said...

"For Scorpio" is exquisite (as you well know). I still adore "Strippers."

Shawna said...

Congratulations. :)

I think my favorite was "Selkie."