Friday, November 11, 2011

Hard Hand

by Fireblossom and Coal Black

It was a hard hand that reached from the snow
Three fingers pale white
The others only bone.

It was a hard hand til it rotted in the spring
Crows took the flesh
Thieves took the ring.

He died in his sleep
He died without a sound
She tilted back her head and screamed
Quite surpassin' loud.


Cloudia said...

like a Gorey or Adams. Dark truth for kids or something. Good one.

Aloha from Honolulu

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Kerry O'Connor said...

Such a tale! God but you are a master at these writes - you scoop out a fraction of a story and leave us longing for a second helping. I love the meter and musicality of this piece - and what a visual you chose to place alongside the words. Safe to say, this has made my day! Thank you.

Scarlet said...

Ooooh, eerie...and the photo is so beautifully haunting. I LOVE the flowers that lead to the creepy yellow house on the hill below those dark gray skies...and that "crows took the flesh!" Frighteningly fabulous, chica!!

Daryl said...

Still feelin' Halloween are we?

Mama Zen said...

"Crows took the flesh
Thieves took the ring."

Love it, love it, love it!

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Another total zinger! I agree with Kewrry, your work always leaves me wanting More. Thankfully, there always IS more, as I am very addicted!

Lynn said...

I like that last line "quite surpassin' loud."

T said...

Short, to the point, and left me wanting more. Now must go catch up!!

Marion said...

I've never seen the color yellow seem so....menacing! You rock, Shay. xo

hedgewitch said...

In my obliviousness, almost missed this--which would have been a serious loss. As always, the grue comes when you call it, obedient and all-pervading. I'm left wondering at the scream; horror, or joy?

LL Cool Joe said...

Yeah thieves always take the ring. Were they magpies?

Anonymous said...

love every bit of this! your cautionary tales truly are a caution!

Lolamouse said...

You and Coal Black make quite the team! Quite surpassin' awesome.