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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Poem

The Easter egg which was not found
contained a letter from the hen who laid it,
saying, "Fuck your kids.
What about mine?"

The Easter Bunny was obliged to take tranquilizers
due to having rabbit ears
in a vulgar world.

At sea,
crossing the international date line,
the Christ was imposed upon to rise twice,
delaying the breakfast buffet.

I have lifted who I used to be
from a hat box high on a rack in my basement.
I loved you. I did;
but even when I stretched my arms up,
I couldn't pretend that floor was sky.

The Easter egg which was not found,
weathers the summer as best it can.
I now keep the letter
tucked inside my pretty, unworn hat,
while the hen and I
cultivate our special friendship.

We like primary colors,
not pastels;
and we watch, always,
for ships and their Aldis lamps
flashing light, dark, light, dark,
as if to tell of the one who went overboard
and his long, thirsty walk home.


  1. Fireblossom--Leave it to you to write an Easter poem such as this. What a way to start the day...

  2. Oh, and by the way--this had better not be one of those "two posts in one day" day. That pisses the rest of us off--the ones who write pure crap once a day, not something wonderful TWICE a day.

  3. I love the idea of the egg "weathering the summer." And befriending the hen is always advisable :).

  4. May the lovely, forgotten goddess named Eostre brighten your Spring days!

  5. well that smacks the easter grass right out of you... :)

  6. "while the hen and I/cultivate our special friendship..." didn't you hear that Man has dominion over the beasts and fish and fowls of the air? I hope you have better luck than I at reading the code transmitted by those signal lights through a staggering dark. The last line, and many others here, are subtle and insinuating in their carefully concealed light.

  7. Wow, Shay. "even when I stretched my arms up, I couldnt pretend that floor was sky". I have SO been there! Brilliant writing, as always. No one can write like you. I remain your devoted fan.

  8. p.s. I WANT that little baby wolf. SO MUCH!!!!!

  9. I have lifted who I used to be
    from a hat box high on a rack in my basement.

    You combine spunk and tenderness beautifully!

  10. The Easter Bunny took tranquilizers due to having rabbit ears. :) Oh Shay.

  11. Ok! Just what time should I schedule that brunch?

  12. Every time I think of Easter, that line from line from Tori's Icicle comes to mind, "Greeting the monster in our Easter dresses." I am happy now to have your hen and her vitriolic note to sit side by side with that line.

    I heart this piece in a big way, for the same reasons I love most of your work, the brow raising insight. Where I would bury and shine my insights in doomsday hearts and potatoes, you are straight up laying truths on top on each other until my ears tingle with delight. Thanks for posting and viva la

  13. I know I would have been cranky rising twice .. definitely an imposition .. ;)

  14. Hi Shay - make sure you come by my blog today - I gave you a shout out. :)

  15. Today's words are up, Shay:

  16. Loved this, especially all the Easter iconography in different contexts. Sure, it's an Easter egg to us, but to a chicken...

    Lots of great detail here, always a rewarding and inspiring time reading your poems. Happy Easter Monday! - mosk

  17. Watching the news on television, it's a wonder that more of us don't require some form of sedation, rabbit ears or no...

  18. That third stanza is just freakin' righteous!

  19. I would LOVE to have that Easter egg! No, actually, I would love to have one of Santorum's kids have found that Easter egg!

  20. belated um....happy? Easter...


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