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Thursday, September 26, 2013

baby devil

Don't worry about me--
I'll lay low.

I will keep my wicked thoughts tucked into the roots of my hair,
and my hair will spread and rise and wave in the wind
like a black prairie.

Crows will come out of my cogitations.
How long will those window panes of yours keep them out?
My Goddess, but they're noisy.
They are made of bibles and molasses,
and they want to sink their sharp parts into your lazy dreams.

Don't think you did anything wrong--
I would never say so.

Still, if I were a scarecrow such as you, I would soak myself in gasoline
and lean into the sun just as it goes down.
That will be your only chance to shine,
so you really should grab at it, like someone falling.
My hair can be your landing place,
full with baby crows just itching for their first disturbing instinct.

They will love your eyes,
just as I did when I walked the earth, up and down,
a baby devil so pretty it made you look.


  1. ...had to laugh at Mama Zens comment yesterday "No prompt? How exactly does that work?"

    But I see it works very well for you. Love the photo of the poor maligned little bird...

    Crows coming out of prairie black hair, waving in the wind... LOVE that image.

    "just itching for their first disturbing instinct" - I have never EVER seen "The Birds"... but I bet you have.

    Sinister and dark, yet with an attempt at veiled (false) compassion ...

  2. Crows will come out of my cogitations... What an excellent line! It sets up your corvine descriptions so very well.

  3. "They will love your eyes . . ."

    Wicked, wicked, wicked!

  4. not gonna quote the whole poem - will just read it again, and again.

  5. Please stop shitting on my car..
    Thank You.

  6. I loved this from the moment the thoughts and hair became entangled in a wild black prairie, and it only got better after that. (Alas, at this point, my hair *and* thoughts wouldn't even make a moonscape, thanks to someone, naming no names but whose initials are Fireblossom.)Blisteringly good, Shay--especially 'bibles and molasses' and 'first disturbing instinct.' (!)

  7. Wickedly delicious! (and a little Carol King via the labels)

  8. Yikes. An Angry Bird. Laser sharp, as always, kiddo.

  9. This one's a set up for Halloween!
    Happy weekend, jj

  10. ***Still, if I were a scarecrow such as you, I would soak myself in gasoline
    and lean into the sun just as it goes down***

    WOW! Xx I Love!

  11. Hair! I knew from the beginning this would be darkly beautiful.

  12. Yikes - this is very powerful, if, well, frightening. Yet, one feels pretty certain that the anger is deserved. Compelling. k.


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