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Monday, September 2, 2013

green shirt

I like your green shirt.
You wear it out at your hips,
and undone at your throat
to the perfect balance between promise and secrecy.

I like your glasses.
Your dark hair sometimes rests on the place
where the bow meets the frame,
and curves around it in a way that just undoes me.

Though I love them on you,
how I long to remove your shirt,
your glasses
with fingertips and long kisses.

Tonight my sleep will be slow in coming,
for thinking of you, your name, and these desires.
Then, in the silent hour, I will dream of pine forests
and streams that bend to reflect the stars.



  1. ... joining the chorus of sighs.
    Incredibly beautiful, Shay.

  2. mmm. imagist? who cares! it is so perfectly paced and placed.

  3. I have the same weakness for women with pixie haircuts. Go figure...

  4. I especially love the last two lines as you know me - I prefer the woods to human lovers:)

  5. "to the perfect balance of promise and secrecy" love that...beautiful, sensual

  6. I prefer stinky shirt of my daddy !
    Mom said I am sick.
    That's why my dad love me so much. Unconditional love..MOL

  7. Love flows through your words like a stream through a green meadow...

  8. I love the poem, I even love the labels ("close as your next breath").

  9. the perfect balance between promise and secrecy...That is so well put, I had to single it out.
    I really like the way you guide your reader into the experience of this poem

  10. Wow, this is so incredibly romantic and real... When in love, I seldomly sleep and my dreams only take me to happy places....

  11. exquisite longing...

  12. Wow, wonderful, sensual and vulnerable. Exquisite.

  13. The whole piece is awfully fine, but the final stanza is flat-out powerful, lyrical and romantic in the best sense of the word. None of needs apology, mind you--but that's finishing on a high note.

  14. Gorgeous piece of writing, Shay girl, but the last two lines speak to my heart.
    Luv, K


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