Sunday, July 5, 2015

In A Land Of Birds, And Night

In a land as close as birds to the branch
and as far as the moon from the window,
I came to do the one thing I must do, and that is

to kiss your hair because it is the night wind
and to kiss your lips which are the river beneath the night wind,
and to be inside your arms like a lost star.

In a land where to look at birds is to fall,
and falling, to make them seem to shift and fly,
it is really us who move, who fall, who flock and who have no language, 

but yet, in wind and darkness, entwine and sing.


Cloudia said...

"to look at birds is to fall,"

You wandering star...not lost...

( '>


hedgewitch said...

Oh Shay. Only you could wring the heart with words like this--reading is like falling, here, and remembering all the rush and terror of it all over again. There is just a salt taste of Lorca to this, especially the second stanza, that adds to the whole feeling of unreality that a love/longing so intense can induce. Beautiful, beautiful poem, one of your best.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Whoa! Every. Single. Word. a Dream, a Prayer, and Perfect.

Mama Zen said...

I have to agree with everything that Hedge said far better than I can. That second stanza is just to die for.

Shadow said...

Totally enchanting!

Kerry O'Connor said...

I really admire the way you have achieved a sense of continuity within the form of the poem but also within the relationship itself.. and this is just such a beautiful and moving poem of love.

Lydia said...

". . .and to be inside your arms like a lost star." How beautiful. You are a major poet, Shay.

(Love the quote by Hemingway, btw.)

Lynn said...

That's so beautiful and romantic, FB.