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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

An American Girl In The IRA

If I had it to do over again,
I'd wear a stars and stripes bandana over my red hair
and a New York Yankees jacket
honeycomb stitched with dynamite sticks.

I don't really give a damn
about political ends, but I have an ax to grind
and would sharpen it on the queen's neck if I could.
Sean, or Jimmy, or whatever your name is,

show me the street or the face and I'll blast it good.

All I did was sit there and cry, like a Kleenex in a storm drain
last time I was in London.
I've never told anybody the full dig and degree
of your lesson in knifepoint humility.

So now here comes the limousine, 
or the Royals or whatever rat bastard shit the day serves up.
My hands are steady as the moment comes around,
then I'm a red white and blue runner, righteous high

on feet never touching the ground.

for mag #300.



  1. The assassins of the heart are more deadly than the anarchists, I think--I see both at work here, and a fine explosion of bright lights and flying scarlet it makes. I especially like your tags with this one--and those last two killer stanzas. Sometimes you just *have* to run like hell.


  2. felt It
    good luck
    form -

  3. Sheesh. This is insanely good!

    These are my favorite sections:

    "bandana over my red hair" (super sexy)

    "New York Yankees jacket
    honeycomb stitched with dynamite sticks"

    "dig and degree" (I love this phrase!)

    "knifepoint humility"

    "righteous high"

  4. This brought back memories of Lee Oswald's gunning of JFK to mind. The last stanza is just like that of his stalking at the Book Depository building! Brave write-up Shay!


  5. Look out when a red-haired girl has an ax to grind brought on by "knifepoint humility!"

  6. Wow! Starting the new year off with a bang.

  7. you had me at...i don't give a damn about political ends...then
    like the bandana and red hair reference


  8. Remind me never to break your heart Shay. You always amaze me with your stunning storytelling that is all your own.

  9. There is a blast of erotic tension in this raw drama that mesmerises and confronts and tantalises. A grand piece of writing.

  10. A scary story behind this poem. Wow.

  11. Really excellent, Shay. There are days I'd like to blow to hell and gone, so I can empathize.


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