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Thursday, January 7, 2016


Can you hear my thoughts?
You ought to be able to,
it ought to be a snap
there's an a app for that
a map for that
don't be an ass for that's the worst thing you could do, I think.

But if you can hear my thoughts,
it's not like you didn't know I was gonna say that
it's so easy
lemon squeezy
let's go crazy it's the sanest thing to do.

And la la la
I can't hear you, all you alien abductors
train conductors
found and fucked 'ers 
spinning around the planets like Super Nobody

La la la, oh
I'm not listening, here in the great midwest
what I like best
what I want to suggest
is that we change the station change the station....

So, can you hear my thoughts?
What did I just dream about?
Do I have to get out
the hand puppets just to make myself clear
and if you don't hear what I haven't said,
it's no use, like shouting at a foreigner, a waste of time I think.

For Marian's Music Prompt: Dar Williams. Image at top: Clemence Poesy.



  1. Your lighthearted tone is wonderfully juxtaposed with the serious problem of miscommunication in relationships. This was very cleverly written.

  2. It is wonderfully light but you certainly get your meaning across.

  3. I love the tumbling rhythm of this, the playfulness of rhyme and near-rhyme. It's got a bite, for sure, but in a whimsical way. (kind of like a golden retriever's bite with a soft mouth)

  4. Love this, Shay. It really does get at the spirit of that song, but as I would expect it's only a jumping off for you. After a while it gets pretty hard to change the station.
    (Next use Christians & Pagans!)

  5. This could stand as lyrics for a damn good song--pithy words that yet manages to sing out with an unspoiled spirit in the universal language of the heart, which as the narrator points out is more like mind reading--or maybe, projection, but when it's a two way street, the harmony is delicious.

  6. Darkness is always best painted in light colors... going crazy is the sanest thing to do... I want to dance to that.

  7. Your wordplay is so effective. Reflects the seriousness with seemingly happy rhythm!

  8. Oh, this is cool! I love the rhythms and the attitude.

  9. My thoughts resonate with what Kerry has said. That barrier in communication is powerfully portrayed in the form of an almost child like fury in your words, giving it a humorous touch, but tinged with that sadness.
    Very well penned.

  10. I love all the la la la's and the not listening! Made me grin.

  11. " if you don't hear what I haven't said.." really like that for a song... and the hand puppet line is great too!

  12. I like the, la, la. Do we ever really listen enough and are we every truly heard?

  13. Penned perfectly for Marian's music challenge. There is a performer out there that would love to get her/his hands on these lyrics! And make magic.


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