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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Good News / Bad News

The good news: everything has been saved,
locked away for you:

real love, sunny skies, and on and on.

The bad news: you need a key to open the door.
You have to make the key yourself.
The lock is in a foreign language.
No interpreter.

The good news is, the world turns and turns.
Tides come in, then go out.
The equator is a ring on which hangs the key.
Already made, already spoken

by your own hand;
from your own mouth.
For Susie's challenge at Real Toads.


  1. LOL, smiling at your comments in labels........this is a very Zen poem, my friend. I kinda love it.

  2. So much for all the self-help books and inspiring-quote-memes--you've just put it all in a nutshell, with the precision of a miniaturist and the bull's eye hits of a crossbow expert.

  3. We all have to make our own keys, silly! I use the one at Lowe's - it can shape a key like a kitty while you wait for $4. La la Mosk

  4. Wow! philosophy and psychology all in one!

  5. I'm big on just taking the good and throwing out the bad, so yay! sunny skies and real love for me!

    I don't buy into all that key stuff, though. But I'm all for equators. And I'm all for being married to one (especially if it turns out that I'm the equator/god/creator). But that giant key ring makes me think of a prison guard's key ring as well, which is what I guess you were saying in the first place, in the first stanza.

    I like the idea of making keys with my mouth ... especially if it's as easy as just using my tongue to pick locks. Just please don't take away my keyboard. I got it from Salvation Army, and it's soooooo dreamy against my wrists.

    Very clever title, playing on the gospel/God "good news."

  6. Damn locks! Thank goodness we have the power in us to forge a key to unlock the world according to self. Thanks for reminding me I can do it. Also thanks so much for taking part in the prompt!!

  7. I think we have to make our own keys, but with the help from others... alas there are too many stealing keys out there.

  8. I love this. It goes in such an unexpected direction, and the image of the equator as a key ring is brilliant.

  9. The equator is a ring on which hangs the key.
    Already made...

    I love that image!

  10. I love this! Keys and doors. Here's to making keys and moving forward. I like that everything is waiting. I just need to act.

  11. Sorting out the good from the bad. That's perspective.

  12. To think of blue sky, etc being "locked away" is gorgeous. and the key hanging on the equator... gorgeous.


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