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Friday, December 27, 2019

A Message For Dumb-O-Crats

No need to fret about climate change.
You silly twit, you're just Trump-deranged.
"So what?" about fires, storms and floods,
"Thoughts and prayers" are more than enough.
If the water is rising right up the stairs,
relax, my friend, it's "alternative air."
We're sending cows--because we care!--
to the Arctic to be "alternative bears."
POTUS, most powerful man in the world,
takes no crap from a teenage girl.
So rest your mind, don't listen folks,
it's all a radical Democrat hoax.

Hoping you feel all better now, for Wordy Friday.


  1. You made me laugh out loud with your alternative bears. This is beyond hilarious, and when it comes to the reality in which we find ourselves, I needed the laugh. Dumb and Dumber will hopefully be gone before all is completely lost. But the cost will be high for years. I clicked on your link with such anticipation, knowing it would be good. Cackle.

  2. He'd like you to believe he's a plumber, come to fix the leak, but all he's doing is widening the drain...and I don't mean he's draining the swamp (as promised); he IS the swamp.

    Great writing. I would have laughed too, like Sherry did, but I'm just totally bummed.

  3. As ever, wry, witty and spot on the mark--one thing consistent about Putin's Puppet, he is always the victim of a terrible terrible hoax/witch hunt/ etc etc etc...and also, he's also always a huge embarrassment for our once proud country everywhere brains exist. I also cackled at the alternative air and bears--select your own preferred facts, folks, you know, the ones that confirm all your fears and biases, and don't you dare believe anyone but your Fuhrer.

  4. Thank you for the smile Shay. I needed it.

  5. I am hoping the impeachment works, because if not, I'm terrified we'll have 4 more years of The Donald.

    Your poem made me laugh...but that was instead of crying.

  6. Windmills! Windmills will save us. (This is a gem.)

  7. I love your take on this poem - happy new year

  8. Thank you for a good laugh. I think we need laughs to get us through dark times.

  9. Wonderfully wicked ... and wickedly wonderful. I love it – especially the last 4 lines, and especially the first 2 of them.

  10. That's our gipper, talking out his alternative rear.

  11. This is bang on the money.. and you convey a needful and potent message in a satirical way without lightening up any of the critical commentary. Brava!

  12. You just made my morning!!
    Love, love love this one. Hilary was right from the get-go, and I give her credit for calling him what he was before anyone else was paying attention. Putin's Puppet. Always and forever.

  13. Shay, I want to find this funny but it's way too close to truth for me to laugh

  14. I really, really, really dislike him. Can't wait to get him out of there. You've really captured the crazy.

    Teresa @ Razzamadazzle


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