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Saturday, December 21, 2019


Behold my steed.
Behold my steed which I have brought into the house.
"Caroline," says my life partner.
"Caroline, for chrissakes," my life partner says.

Behold my steed's noble mien.
Behold his handsome visage,
a grosbeak upon his broad back,
eternity in his untroubled gaze.
"Caroline," says my only darling.
"Caroline, you clueless cow.
Get it out of here before it craps on the carpet."

Behold my armored breastplate.
Behold my pennant and standard.
Behold my raised sword, heavy and final.
"Caroline," says my flawless beloved.
"Caroline, what the exact fuck, honey?"

Behold my steed rearing up.
Behold the flashing of his mighty hooves.
Behold Saints Michael, Catherine, and Margaret
urging us on, invoking the grandeur of the Divine.
"Caroline," says my heart's other half.
"Christ on a pogo stick, Caroline." 
Behold the dear familiar lips.
Behold my knees sweetly buckling as I go weak at every word.

for Sunday Muse # 87.


  1. Like the elephant in the room....the steed shall remain. I love the banter and I love the way you have captured the magnificence of the horse no matter how clueless man can be. There is a divinity in nature that man cannot deny nor replicate. As always you amaze me with your deep and poetic brilliance Shay! Your dreams must be wondrous and poetic with a dash of humor to make them complete. We all need a Caroline in our life to steer us straight or maybe not so straight. :-)

  2. Oh cool, now I can comment. This poem really made me smile. I love the humour in all of the utterances of the life partner, so amusing.

  3. Well, I love this. Absolutely elegant and iconically wry, everything you do so well with words flawlessly shown to its best advantage here. I especially admire the way you work the contrasts, the way you give all our fondest pretensions and idealism a glorious shine and then instant short shrift with the, to me, hilarious yet realistic commentary lines that close the stanzas. And the fact that this is as much a love poem as anything else is pretty amazing too. (And the Caroline reference is pretty sly, as well.)Just the coolest, and more so because I am that kind of girl who has always loved horses, and knows exactly how silly that can sometimes be.

  4. Amazing. Funny and romantic and all the unsaid things just standing there, magnificently.

  5. The repetition of behold works well throughout this piece. It's strong and bold. Now, why is "Sweet Caroline" playing in my head?

  6. LOL..A fiery steed indeed even though it might crap on the carpet.

  7. Christ on a pogo stick.

    Only us old folks even know WTF a pogo stick is.

    That line was hilarious.


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