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Monday, December 30, 2019

Fox Hurries On Alone

Fox hurries on alone,
wearing a night coat made of indigo memories.
She is solitary and keeps out of sight,
but the moon that finds me, finds her, and says no word.

Here, the lizard on his rock,
head cocked to hear the mandolin the grocer plays
when the lock is on the door
and the bottles hung on yews gather spirits from his tunes.

A desert bird speaks your poems
along the edges of a sunset, and once again 
I hold my breath to hear them
as the fountain with its coins lulls the fox with Spanish songs.

for Play It Again at Toads.

I chose Susie's Amber Tamblyn prompt from 2016.


  1. Sigh. Beyond gorgeous, too many wonderful images to list.

  2. This is just beautiful, Shay. You have captured the cycle, the ongoing motion, the poetry, the song with such well-chosen archetypes in a most imaginative and touching way.

  3. I love how you capture the poem from such a search... excellent imagery

  4. So bittersweet, Shay, yet over all the sweetness wins and leaves the bitter simply as that contrast that brightens the palate. I love every image in this, from the fox, to the spirit tunes hanging from the yews, preserved in their own worlds of glass.And oh how I have lived that last stanza, as you have, suspended in a melancholy of love here in front of the glass screen.

  5. Thank you for choosing my Play it Again...Your poem is so beautiful. I feel the hunt, the watching eye in the wild of words to follow poetry, to search for words that fill the night's heart and ease its loneliness. Thank you for being you..amazing, creative, and inspiring.

  6. You are some kind of brilliant, girl.

  7. This is so gorgeous! The imagery washes over you. It witches you. As always, I wish that I had written it.

  8. I want to be where bottles hang on yews and gather spirits ... wherever it is. I will miss you and the Garden, dear Shay.

  9. My heart overflows with the beauty of this, Shay. Thank you!

    Have a wonderfully Happy New Year! xoxoxo


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