Mermaids sing but do not stay

and I have always been partial to them,

perhaps because they do not stay.

I take to sea in a skin of metal and wood

to look for mermaids diving, vanishing.

I throw my heart over like an anchor,

heavy odd thing, inflexible,

not the sort that mermaids love at all.


written during the Wordcrafters on line meeting.


  1. This is forelorn and gorgeous and you wrote it so fast! I don't know how you do it but I am so glad you do!!! Love it my friend!!

  2. Off the cuff so to speak and ravishing!!

  3. GAH! I look at a boat and see a boat. You look at it and see mermaids, and throwing your heart over like an anchor, "Heavy odd thing, inflexible" and leave me gasping. Just so wonderful.

  4. There is a great sense of immediacy in this, yet it has a timeless quality as well. We may know who we are from the creatures who will, or will not, sing for us, and sometimes as here, that knowledge is bittetsweet. So much going down in this little wave of a poem, this wisp of song. Fine writing, Shay.


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