What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

My Queendom for a hair clip,

plastic gizmo that I prize

as my hair in the wind whips

in my mouth and face and eyes.

My Queendom for a hair clip,

though I cannot see to search

I think I know right where I left it

so off I weave and feel and lurch.

My Queendom for a hair clip.

Here it is, hey wait what huh??!!?

Hope I don't skid or skate or slip

And smack my forehead, falling, DUH!


for Sunday Muse # 158.


  1. And then I could feel no more
    Nice write, Shay. All for want of a hair clip
    I think lot of us will be wanting her down
    I am guessing that most times the hard way

  2. What a fun one this is Shay!! I love the thyme and how I can so relate to this at least when my hair was longer. LOL Wonderful!!! I love it!!

  3. that repetitive opening line on each stanza is a classic -

  4. Made me laugh. It's the way it is these days, eh?

  5. Jivin' to Leon Russell, now that's what I call a good Saturday Morning .... with a hellava poem to match!

  6. I loved your humor ---- and Leon put me in a happy mood as well!

  7. "Slave, I have set my life upon a cast,
    And I will stand the hazard of the die..."

    1. We were on a guided tour
      of Bosworth Field,
      quietly but fiercely fighting
      as the tour guide clanged on when

      you dropped your hair clip
      in the dirt
      and I accidentally stepped on it
      my heel on Richard's broken crown.

      Your hair unfurled –
      a Tudor banner
      you knew would carry you
      to victory

  8. Seriously, I would be lost without my hair binder.

  9. Hurray for the small things that give some control! And, ugh, I can feel the tilt in the phrasing. :)

  10. Yay! Let's hear it for the hairclip realm! ♥

  11. A little Leon Russell... the perfect complement to this piece. Too often I've done the weave-feel-lurch routine, looking for something while I drive.

  12. Thank you for the Gordon MacRae video ~~~~ I remember listening to him on the radio, watching him on TV and saw one of his films, can’t remember which one ~ I remember that voice!

  13. Excellent response to the image Shay, funny and surprising — well written.

  14. Oh this made me smile!! Love it!

  15. 'For the want of a hairclip her balance was lost." Or something. A fine, funny response to the prompt,


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