Reanimated Lavender Granola Switchblade Nun rides again.

Saturday, October 29, 2022



We have been
for a long
time. First,
left the
fragrant grass of
and the 
copper smell of
Later, we left
as if they were
soda cans
first loves in 
aluminum bodies
10 cent refund in MI and IA.
Jobs, apartments,
appliances and
various gods 
in our wake 
as we
Now we can't 
get the damn toaster to work
let alone
move our bowels
or anyone's
The finale
should be 
a snap.
After all,
we have been leaving
for a long


  1. Breathtaking. One of those poems where I'd have to quote the whole thing, and even that wouldn't do it justice. The smell of copper pennies, the old soda cans w/ 10 cent refunds, gods. OK, the "moving our bowels" line is beyond brilliant. And we can only hope the finale is a snap, and not a long, anguished farewell.

  2. Life is like that isn't it. You have nailed it to a tree like a T my friend! I second all that Qbit has said, because he is spot on. Brilliant as always! You say the unsayable in ways others would never think up, and that is what makes your poetry so wonderful Shay!

  3. The finale should be a snap.
    After all, we have been leaving
    for a long time.

    It would only be fair if it is just a snap, a fast goodbye after all the stress of frequent leavings through life. Beautiful line of thinking Shay!


  4. Woe. Nailed it. We have been leaving for a long time. First it was everything leaving us. Now the other way around.

  5. Just wordless at the end of this.

  6. From Helen ~~~ it’s as though you have lived hundreds of lives .. able to be explicit in describing how leave-taking goes. Whew.

  7. Lost my comment but fortunately I copied it because I *hate* that. Here it is: Simplicity can be misleading, as it is here, where everything is quietly outlined, but each small-in-itself detail or phrase hides a wealth of both image and story, abbreviated to its bold lettering, like the memories that we notice most in old age. I can't speak highly enough of the craft that can do this. Candlelight shows so many more stars than neon. I especially like all the little things you've chosen to "bob in our wake" from kisses to gods to that damn toaster. Fine, elevated writing, Shay.

  8. How do you do it, my friend? Taking my breath away with the the very first simply articulated profundities and leaving me wanting more, because you're reading me even as you are writing you.

  9. Excellent Shay. Love:
    “ Now we can't
    get the damn toaster to work
    let alone
    move our bowels
    or anyone's
    Ain’t that the small and the large of it. Yes, painfully the leaving goes on and on — until finally it doesn’t. Loved ones we don’t want to leave, but moments we can’t wait to go. Getting old sucks — except those moments it don’t. Good stuff Shay!

  10. "We've been leaving for a long time" - from birth, we move one step further into the darkness of leaving. Perhaps, leaving pieces of ourselves here, there and everywhere and does anyone really give a damn? Just pondering...

  11. I love every word and every line break of this. The kisses like refunds on recycled cans, the always leaving - the whole thing is just fantastic

  12. Wonderful, sparse and brilliant. I know I always say it about your work but you're talented so you're just consistently good. This one is poignant, and became more moving as it went along.


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