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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Visions of Code-y


Sitting in a coffee bar, I was hit on by a Kerouac simulation.
I am the nightbird genius mix, said FauxJack,
clearly hopped up on lollipops. 
Do tell, said I. 

So babe, what's on your emotional jukebox?
Some kind of dubious doo-wah Dada bop?
You're like smoke, there's rise in your eyes.
And you try too hard.
Auughh! Gutshot, right in the LOLcode. Want me to fade?

No, as a matter of fat, I've read all your graphic novels, FakeJay.
You're a real Ker-Ker-Karma Chameleon.
They call me Cat George, mama. Imma thicc throwback skellychaser!
You don't say.
Don't armadillo me, hard candy. 
This is love-a-rooni, jive jazz Nirvanaville, hep kitty.
Hep. Oh, I like that.

The double yellow asphalt ribbon is callin', Gypsy Rose.
To-go that java and jump immediate!
You're on, daddy.
Ergo the ersatz ecstasy, holo-hipster. 
Aw Athena, now you're blowin' a sweet riff! 
That's me, Riff Tin Tin. Awoooooooo!
You are off the leash! 
Faux man go. Let's split before the squares hack your dome, Jack.


Music: Eddie Harris Sham Time


  1. You have the tone of the zippy conversation to a T. Jive talkin'. Smiles. I have been contemplating the word list, will see if something takes hold.

  2. I'd pick myself up off the chair, and leave this guy in my wake. LOL!

  3. The lingo and talk in this is spot on brilliant Shay! I love the poems you write like this. It is like getting another view on another life that we would not get otherwise! I love it!

  4. "You're on, daddy." ! :-) I love the whole flirtation going on here. Just love a poem made up entirely of dialogue too, tbh! Is that a picture of you at the end with the beanie and the braces? Do tell!

  5. Wow! You really captured a mood/style here that I'm not at all familiar with. I love the dialogue!

  6. Knocked my socks off! Surreal and solid at the same time, and a wonderfully entertaining read!

  7. This hits my sweet-spot-groovy-Chick place, utterly delightful write.

  8. handled with ease - she's a cool chick! A dailogue poem isn't easy, bu you make it look as if it is! love "double yellow asphalt ribbon". I didn't particpate in last week's list as i knew i had to comment on previous ones... been sick and then busy...


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