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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Cinder Ella


Cinder Ella was this chick who was doing some minor dealing in the vestibule of her old boyfriend's building when a snitch turned her in and she got sent to juvie.

Freeeak. So bogus.

The 'rents lost it and so when she'd done her stupid community service, they said oh my, oh dear, you really need some discipline here, and gave her like ten thousand chores to do and she was grounded until she's 75 and everybody in the world is dead from a nuclear accident or something. Yippee skippee. 

So anyway, Cinder Ella had no further forks to give, so she opened her bedroom window and had a smoke in between cleaning all the bathrooms and mulching the stupid garden so the rutabagas would grow ten feet tall of whatever it is that rutabagas do. Kill me now, she thought, don't wait for the Marlboros to kick in.

It was at that moment that this leftover hippie woman flew in. I mean, actually flew and perched her grown-ass self in the window frame. "No wayyy," said Cinder Ella, taking a long drag. "Way" said the boomer in the window. "I am your fairy godmother!" Cinder Ella replied, "Well fork me and feed me fish heads." 

Long story short, Cinder Ella's fairy godmother had seen and heard more than enough of the way Cinder Ella was being treated, by both the 'rents and her social influencer sisters. "Easy solutions for combination skin!" So lame. So, this boomer turned a cat figurine into an Uber driver, and a lava lamp into a Lambo, all so that Cinder Ella could attend the Lady Gaga concert that night. "Fuckinay," said Cinder, stubbing out her smoke on the chore list her mother had left on the side table for her. It burst into flames and suddenly there she was, getting out of the Lambo at the venue!

So, the concert was lit, but she lost one of her Doc Martens when it got to be almost midnight and she had to make a run for the Lambo before it turned back into a lava lamp and the driver became a cat figurine again. I mean, she got that thing at Six Flags when she was like, nine, and she'd look like the majorette of the Loser's Day Parade if she didn't get out there in time. So she did, and came hobbling in the door just in time to sneak up to her room and do some cannabis to mellow out. 

Well, fat chance. Ding-dong, some hopeless dweeb desperately in need of a glow-up was standing in the front doorway when she came downstairs to snob, er, say hello to, whoever it was. Holding her lost Doc Marten in his hands, he smiled nervously and asked Cinder Ella and her sisters Madison and Courtney to try it on. Madison couldn't even begin to get her big boats into it, and Courtney's toenail fungus made everybody gag so she just sort of ran up to her room crying. "Oh boo hoo hoo, I'm stinky Courtney, my feet are soooooo gross wahhhh," scoffed Cinder Ella as her sister swept past. 

"Would you like to try it on?" the boy asked, shyly. "As if," said Cinder Ella, grabbing the Doc Marten out of his hands and giving him a shove out the door. "Try Proactiv!" she said to his back as he stumbled away in bewilderment. She shrugged. "I'm really more into girls lately anyway." Walking down the hall and into the garage, knocking over her dad's retardo golf bag as she passed, Cinder Ella grabbed a screwdriver off of his work bench and hotwired the Mazda. "Happy happy to all and to all a good buzz!" she called as she drove away, swerving to avoid some stupid squirrel that did that changing direction thing that squirrels do, and she just about totaled the Mazda and sustained crippling injuries like in a Lifetime movie, except she didn't, and that's the end. Follow me for more dumb fairy tales if you're, like, grounded until eternity and it's completely unfair and you're  so over it or whatever. 

For What's Going On? -- Unfairy Tales

Music: The Sounds Running Out of Turbo


  1. That was an amazing take on an old fairy tale. Filled with twists and modernized. Great writing. Bravo for creativity. Truedessa

  2. "Kill me now." Cackling. Ha, the flying hippie boomer reminds me a bit of Scary Fairy Sherry, in one of my poems. "Fork me and feed me fish heads" is Just. So. Great. I was hoping you'd write something freaking awesome for this prompt, and you have exceeded all expectations, as always. I SO enjoyed this. Big grins.

  3. Hahaha--and I love that you got that squirrel in there!

  4. Cinderella with attitude- I love it especially the DM’s and thank you for your wise comment at mine - Jae

  5. I love the voice and tone of your un-fairy tale, Shay, and the image of Cinder Ella having a smoke in between ‘cleaning all the bathrooms and mulching the stupid garden so the rutabagas would grow ten feet tall’! I love that she wore DMs!

  6. A fiercely fractured fairy tale as only you could write it, dear Shay. The only thing you missed were the woodland creatures helping with the rutabaga mulching. They were, I feel, undoubtedly whackoons.

  7. Cinder Ella had 'social influencer sisters'. Oh dear! I had a hearty laugh. A very modern un-fairy tale indeed.

  8. Totally unique and wonderfully written. Once again mind bending stuff !

  9. Thank you for the poem, an unfairy Tale indeed! annell

  10. “Kill me now…don’t wait for the Marlboros to kick in” and that closing line, especially, cracked me up. Teenagers can be so dumb—I know this, of course, since I have been one and have raised three to adulthood and have one just past the half-way mark. Trying to keep them from near “crippling injuries” can be no easy task and is not for the faint of heart! Attitudes and bad decisions aside, I love them. They don’t have to end up with the “hopeless dweeb” at the door, but if they don’t end up in juvie or the hospital, that would be a social influence I could get behind! I so enjoyed the tongue-in-cheek style of this hilarious poem.

  11. Un-fairy tale, meet teenage angst on steroids (or somethin'). What a consummate storyteller you are, Shay! And let's be real. Cinder had the right idea escaping from her fam with their terminal toenail fungus and grounding her till eternity no less! :)

  12. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Standing on a chair with a tambourine in hand banging it away in celebration of this marvelous tale... Loved it from beginning to end! Bravo!!!!!

    1. Thank you! (I just wish I knew who left me this lovely comment)

  13. I absolutely love your Cinderella tale!!! This was just what I needed to read today, fantastic. Love all the updates, that she was grounded till she turned 75, that some old hippie woman was her fairy godmother, that she left her Doc Marten, that she's really into girls! This is modern woke upgrade of a tale that needed it. Brilliant, Shay 🤩


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