Thursday, May 28, 2009

6 Things That Make Me Happyyyyyy

Pouty Lips tagged me for this meme. The Lois Lenz speedy secretarial version of the roolz, is this: link back, list six, tag six.

I will break one of these rools.

Now then, my six things that make me happy:

1. Breaking rules. Sometimes I make up rules for my dog Bosco, just so that he can have the joy of immediately disobeying them. It makes him smile. Me too. NO SMILING. *smile*

2. Bosco, the super wonder dog!!! He is a six year old border collie, and the apple of my eye. To me, everything he does is terrifically charming. He is smart, loyal, brave and handsome. I sing "My Guy" to him. He likes that, too.

3. Blog friends. From New York to Arizona, and from Miami to Charleston and back to Michigan again, then over to Oregon, I love you all.

4. Music. Pouty Lips, who tagged me for this meme, introduced me to Robbie Williams's song "Feel". Now I love it, too. I love everything from Vivaldi to Soft Cell. My music player here is ever-changing with my moods. I love to discover new music.

5. Being a girl. I may have mentioned this before, yeah? Some are born female, others achieve greatness. ;-)

6. The Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup finals. Even my alter-ego Barbara, over at Objets-D'art thinks that's elegant!

7. Breaking rools. Oh wait, was I supposed to stop at six?...

8. Old silent slapstick comedies. I just love them. All those pratfalls and chases.

If you'd like to share six (or so) things that make you happy, consider yourself tagged. :-)



Scarlet said...

Shay, the rool breaker! Who would've guessed?? ;)

I would give ANYTHING to hear you sing "My Guy" to Bosco! :)

You and my dad would get along great. He's a sucker for those old silent slapstick comedies because he can actually understand them!

pheromone girl said...

My six are special for you.
1. Rools that I make up so I can break them immediately (hey, you have that one, too!)
2. My dog Ezmond, who would be bffs with Bosco
3. Sending boxes to Michigan and Spokane and Miami and lots of other places and filling them with love and cake!
4. Finding new songs I love at WordGarden
5. Sunshine on my face while I blog (yeah sun!)
6. Being so happy I cry. There's nothing hapier than the feeling of a good cry to purge your soul!

Elizabeth Bradley said...

I have 3 dogs, so they take up three spaces on my list. Aren't dogs grand! You made me smile.

Pouty Lips said...

Your list made me happy.

T said...

Leave it to you Shay for breaking the *rools*. :-))

Anonymous said...

1. long phone conversations about everything and nothing at all.

2. exotic birds

3. potato chips

4. when people REALLy want to get sober. Like, REALLY want it, you know?

5. blogging

6. someone whose name rhymes with Pray.

Pinkerbell said...

Ah I love discovering new music too and there is always something new to listen to over here.

I tagged Pouty, so I'm glad to see it ended up round here!

My number 7 is reading poetry which I identify with and that thrill of finding that you've understood some of the hidden meaning. I love your poems. They always get me thinking...

Riot Kitty said...

And you love us in Oregon most, oui? ;)

I love the pic! This is a good idea for a post...I've been looking for one, and the vibrator/bomb scare wasn't quite up to par.

Riot Kitty said...

Well damn! Just kidding. I just remembered that I did the "things I love" meme that started with the letter "F" after being tagged very publicly by Scarlet a few months ago...the vibrator story might have to do ;)

Shadow said...

hey! you forgot south africa!!!!! lovely happy list though!

Mama Zen said...

And now, I will spend the rest of the day humming Tainted Love!