Silent as a stringed instrument,

I am untouched, unshouldered, incomplete and wooden--

Hear it in my breathing that gleaming in the moonlight is not enough.

There are a million pitches and tones that I could be,

But tonight, there is only one.

Gather me in,

Be my Blue Fairy--

Allow me the knowing that when I step off of the shore of myself,

You will be my welcoming opposite bank.

You are a woman, my mirror,

But the other side of the mirror--

Your body is the home I curve into,

A treble clef from which

All of my music proceeds.



Riot Kitty said…
My god, how do you come up with such brilliance so often? Seriously!
Kelly said…
This piece has so many 'coincidences' within it, that proves we are all one, all connected and that we all need each other.... Beautifully done my lovely shay, thank you... And I think I'll go dig out my recorder from school days and give her a blow, haha only kidding :p this is so soothingly touching xxxx BabyK xxxx
Shadow said…
awesome girl! i love this piece!
Anonymous said…
I played the violin for many years as a kid. Beautiful.
Jeanne said…
Thanks for your visits and kind words and thanks for putting a song in my heart

Fireblossom said…
I was asked to compose this one, Twin. Ask n receive lol.

K, I woulda thought you were playing electric guitar from 3rd grade on! I'm really pleased that you like it. ;-)

Fanks, Shadow! :-)

Thank you, other K. Do you still play at all?

Welcome to Word Garden, Jeanne. But, er...what visits? What comments? I am thinking I have been crossed up with Jannie Funster again.
Scarlet said…
"Your body is the home I curve into..." How sexy is THAT??

A treat for the soul...thank you for another brilliant piece.
"Hear it in my breathing that gleaming in the moonlight is not enough."

Love is the answer, and only you could say it this perfectly.
What Scarlet and Pouty Lips said.
Daryl said…
"You are a woman, my mirror,

But the other side of the mirror--"

the She who completes me.
G-Man said…
I need a cold shower.......
Maude Lynn said…
What a gorgeous, sensual piece!
Jannie Funster said…
Nope, nobody could ever get a lowly me mixed up with a bolt of word beauty like yourself.

Step off the shore of yourself. you're the real deal, Shay-Mistress

Told you Billy Collins was usurped.
Jinksy said…
I found this whimsical and beautiful at the same time...
Vodka Mom said…
that was usual.
A Lady's Life said…
Very nice!
I haven't heard poetry about violins in a long time.
The gypsy violin carries me to heart break, strength, and freedom.
You are a true romantic :)