Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I dreamt that we were in a garden, which was also a playground.

There was a white filigree bench,

And yellow daffodils.

There were lush strips of grass,

And swings and toys

Where your children were playing nearby.

I was watching myself, and you, from a short distance.

I wore a white lace dress

And was younger and prettier than I really am.

You wore brown cords and a beige henley

And your hair was long and loose.

You said, "you're having a girl," and then I realized why my dress flowed the way it did.

I knew you were right, that this was one of those little intuitions that land in your hand like gifts.

I was smiling, glad for your being there,

As I felt something circle within me

Like a flock of birds,

Spiralling up through my heart, through me,

Like a blessing, like happiness,

Like that welcome visitor

Called Joy.



Scarlet said...

I think you should name her Joy. :)

T said...

I DO want to be loved :), Oh I'm supposed to comment on the poem now, almost forgot what I was doing ;-)

Something very familiar about this poem. Very beautifully said, very calming. Love it, as always.

Riot Kitty said...

This reminds me of being a kid in Minnesota, on happy sunny days (before the mosquitoes came out, obviously.) Lovely stuff!

Fireblossom said...

Aw, Scarlet, that's just such a sweet comment. Thanks!

Thank you, T. It may be reminding you of my earlier poem "Bereft", but this one left me feeling happy, not empty.

Are you from Lake Woebegone, Twin? Hehe, lovin me some Twin. :-)

pheromone girl said...

Joy and bliss and light. As usual, just amazing. Thank you, beautiful for the beauty at the end of my day.

Kay said...

What a vivid image...I just love the ending!

Shadow said...

what a beautiful dream... send them this way too will ya!

G-Man said...

Ahhhh...(Sporting a contented smile)

Pouty Lips said...

Sending lots of joy from sunny Arizona. This poem has an enchanting quality; conjures up beautiful images for me.

Daryl said...

I want to hug you so tight .. what an amazing mental image ... ''Spiraling up through my heart''