Friday, May 22, 2009

The Shoshone River

At the point where it bends lazily around from east to south,

The Shoshone is less a river than a big black pond.

If you should step off of the board-warm dock and into a waiting wooden boat,

You can row around to that place where the overhanging willow branches are like a certain girl's hair--

You'll remember touching it as she slept, one morning when you were younger, and in a different place.

If you lean over the side, just where the oar rests, all you'll see is the surface, like an iris,

Perhaps a bubble or two,

And a Jesus Bug not heavy enough to know it should sink.

When it gets so still,

About seven in the evening,

The houses along the banks will look back at you like Aunts and Grandmothers from old family albums,

And you might think that the world would stop altogether, but for the tiny flutter of a vein in your wrist,

Telling you that it's all right, blood is flowing and you flow along with it, in your little boat on the Shoshone,

Into the future,

Like a French missionary asleep on his horse,

Or a pretty blue silk streamer

From a lady's summer hat.

Art: "A Familiar Walk" by Susan Rios


Riot Kitty said...

Beautiful as always! Happy, my friend!

Bren said...

This is amazing.... What camera do you use?

Jannie Funster said...

Just love the line about the houses looking at you like Aunts and grandmothers!

So wonderful, as usual.

g-man said...

French Missionaries slept on their horses?
I bet the horses loved that!

...Beautiful just scratches the surface of this little tribute.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Week-End..

Scarlet said...

Who needs a Delorean when you can time travel inside a beautiful wooden boat? This is beautiful, Shay!

The Susan Rios painting is fantastic, btw. I've always wanted to walk on the shore like that barefoot in a dress.

Debbie said...

How beautiful and lyrical.

Mama Zen said...

This is beautifully written. I can feel the heat that kind of settles on you, see the water. Gorgeous!

Daryl said...

Soothing .. I can see/feel the water .. xo

T said...

I get a lot of peace from this one. Very quiet and calm.

Shadow said...

i floated along quite happily in this one...