Monday, April 13, 2009

Love Poem

Here, put on this stone coat.

Walk with me.

Even if you were warm before, it will leave you shivering

And it is heavy

With plenty of pockets stuffed with regret, deception and train tickets.

Here, wrap it tight.

The seams are made of a sleety wind--

Let it whip your bones

And that paltry cup of brown leaves you call a heart.

Let's hold hands, like links in a good stout chain.

There is a starving bear on the other end,

Sick of tricks

And drooling over us twin dolls, presented like meat cookies

On a flat blind tray.

Or should we try to stay alive in naked embrace?

Clear the snow away and kiss me.

Rub ice on my blacking toes,

Shout to me through the pack ice,

I will toss flowers to you from my airless tomb beneath the floe.

I confess that I long for the warm hour in summer,

When I had coffee and my

Little ridiculous pennant

To mark the top of the world.

But it's no good, nothing will burn out here,

Not even your old love letters,

Which I should have eaten when I could--

Though they make fine cudgels now.

So come freeze with me.

Finger your old lovers' skulls like a rosary

And stuff candy promises into the open fractures;

Oh Love, it's wonderful,

We're together and I feel less and less,

They say in the end the letting go is easy--

We'll be like babies

Falling asleep under our mobile of silly debris

Airborne in the sharp stark indifference of our solitary deaths in the storm.

linked for Poetry Jam, Nov. 2011 "Paradise Lost"


Anonymous said...

Damn Shay. This one's intense.

Shadow said...

strong words, never-ending, seemingly... well done!

Daryl said...

Intense yet there's an underlying feeling of gentleness

Mama Zen said...

Intense and powerful.

Riot Kitty said...

Intense is right. Thanks for the eye candy ;)

Brosreview said...

As all very truly put it, I too attest to the fact that this one is mighty intense!!! Great writing!!!

Fireblossom said...

Thank you everyone, for your kind comments. I can only stand to post a few whimsical things before I need to set fire to something.

LOL @ Kitty. You're welcome. You can thank my friend Liandra for that.

Daryl, you always see a little deeper, don't you? Despite all the bears and blizzards, the heart of this poem lies in vulnerability.

Pouty Lips said...

This is the part I loved the most: "There is a starving bear on the other end, Sick of tricks
And drooling over us twin dolls, presented like meat cookies
On a flat blind tray."


T said...

Beautiful Shay, very intense but vulnerable too.

Louise said...

This is wonderful. It is so far removed from any talent that I have that it leaves me in awe. Congrats on POTD mention from Authorblog!

Pinkerbell said...

Hey Shay, I totally agree with the above comment, this poem leaves me in awe too. I feel a great fondness shining out from it for the lover who is being addressed and yet the feeling that the love has turned into a dead love, or perhaps just a weak reflection of what it used to be? Perhaps an old, familiar love being re-examined?

I have a habit of unique interpretation though...

Pouty Lips said...

I was reading Post of the Day and saw that you were nominated. Congrats! So I had to come back by and re-read this again. This is definitely a winner. What popped out at me just now was: "Finger your old lovers' skulls like a rosary and stuff candy promises into the open fractures."

Kelly Dickson said...

oh ur so melodramatic, but i love it, and so damn creative with it. lubs ranty fire caught ur panties you xxx

Mary said...

Visiting from Poetry Jam: Yes, fits the prompt, and as many have said....this poem is truly intense!

Christine said...

plenty of pockets stuffed with regret, deception and train tickets, my fav.line, powerful stuff

Helen said...

... pure paradise!

Anonymous said...

The bold and surprising images made me need to catch my breath, tripping forward over them...
Thanks for your unique voice, Shay!


Lolamouse said...

I felt the shivers after reading this one. It makes one feel vulnerable and cold. I love the image of the pockets filled with regret, deception, and train tickets as well as the bear. Oh how I wish I had the imagination you do! Love the Edgar Cayce quote too

Anonymous said...

Paradise couldn't get any more lost than that!

you rock the tortured love, Shay ~ i hereby hand you my crown and annoint you the Queen of Tortured Love!

{i love your Edgar Cayce quote!}

Cassiopeia Rises said...

Powerful words and images. Well done.