Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Crooked Bridge

In my dream I found the crooked bridge.

It reached out of memory, and suddenly I was home again

In a time of trotting horses and clapboard houses.

The bridge was as crooked as the path I have traveled since--

But beautiful for that, in all its rising and descending lines.

I loved it for being familiar,

For being old,

For being trustworthy,

But most of all because you lived at its foot.

The stars pinwheeled and made tracers in a sky Van Gogh would have been proud of;

It was Independence Day 1894--

We thought, "great things are at hand."

I wandered through the crowd,

Knowing I would have to go back to my own strange "present."

Passing through an iron gate, I found what I was looking for and sat down on the grass of a shadowy churchyard.

"I miss her," I whispered, and wept beneath the star-spangled sky.

In the way of dreams, you appeared at my side in your long dress and wrapped your arms around me in the dark.

"Shhh," you said.

"I know," you said.

And then I was back and awake, living alone, making coffee and starting this poem.



Anonymous said...

What a dream! I would love to spend five minutes in your head.

Fireblossom said...

And that isn't even everything that was in the dream, Kristin. Five minutes might be fun, full-time is kind of exhausting lol.

Daryl said...

I feel it like wisps of fog, wisps of memories enveloping me ... its comforting

Scarlet said...

A past we never knew...but the thought of it is charming, isn't it?

Shadow said...

wow, that a beauty... sadness and smiles wrapped up perfectly together.

T said...

I agree with what Kristin said, I would love to spend some time in your head!

Beautiful as always.

Riot Kitty said...

Beautiful - all of the images just popped into my head :)

Kay said...

wow...very beautiful and endearing

Mama Zen said...

I truly love the description of the bridge.

Pouty Lips said...

Blossom, I loved the description of why you loved the bridge and what brought it home for me was when you added: "But most of all because you lived at its foot." What a wonderful way to say how much someone means to you.

pheromone girl said...

This is my favorite. I love the thought that we've met before and wander each life finding the people we love all over again.

Anonymous said...

Great dream.

Thanks for sharing.

(I won't forget you - you'll one of my favorite blogs to visit.)

Gabriella Moonlight said...

What a poetic vision you posess, or it may possess you..that creative chaso I am familiar with, but when it comes out this way...oh such bliss, thank you for sharing this vision today!

A Lady's Life said...

This is very beautiful as well.
You have great talent.:) The music you chose here is also very nice.

I never dream. If I dream it is for a reason, a warning, and then I need to prepare.