Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Movies

I enjoyed doing Lil Bit's "8 Things" meme so much that I have decided to do ....

"8 MORE Movies That I Love!

1. "Steel Magnolias." In case you've been living on Mars and missed this one, it's about a group of southern women who face life with humor and strength in a movie that always makes me both laugh and cry. Always.

2. "The Horse Whisperer." I read the much-ballyhooed novel and after the first fifty pages, it was laughably bad. But the movie is one of the best ever, with a much improved ending. A girl and her horse are terribly injured in an accident. Her magazine editor mother (Kristin Scott-Thomas) takes them out west to see Robert Redford's horse whisperer, in an effort to heal all of their spirits. A marvelous, grown-up story about all sorts of love.

3. "The Bridges Of Madison County." Again, the book was goshawfully written. But the story is compelling. Clint Eastwood plays a photographer who has come to the midwest to photograph covered bridges for National Geographic. he encounters war wife Francesca (Meryl Streep) and they find something together. If you can watch the end without bawling, then you're made of tougher stuff than I am.

4. "A Little Princess" (1995). Adapted from Frances Hodgson Burnett's famous children's novel, this newer version makes all the right changes to make this one of the best family movies ever. Sarah Crewes' father leaves her well-provided for at a school for girls when he has to go fight in WWI. But things happen, leaving Sarah at the mercy of the cruel headmistress. Full of scenes of India from Sarah's earlier life, this movie is just a joy. You'll love Sarah. She says, defiantly, "ALL girls are princesses!" Too right!

5. "Better Off Dead." An 80s classic. A young man loses his girlfriend to the captain of the ski team, leaving him feeling that he is better off dead. He keeps trying, hilariously and without success, to kill himself until he meets a cute French exchange student who changes his tune. Full of dancing guitar-playing Van Halen hamburgers ("Pig Burger! Everybody wants some!"), stalky paperboys demanding five dollars, slacker mailmen and hilariously kitchen-challenged Kim Darby as his mom, this is just a stitch.

6. "A Simple Twist Of Fate." In this modern retelling of the famous (and, I think, forgettable) novel Silas Marner, Steve Martin plays an embittered man who cares only for his collection of gold coins. That is, until a little girl literally wanders into his life and, in opening his heart to her, he finds his own. It's sweet, and one of my favorites.

7. "Narrow Margin." I mean the remake with Gene Hackman and Anne Archer. Urged by a friend to go on a blind date, Archer ends up witnessing a mob hit on her dinner companion. Assistant District Attorney Hackman tracks her down at the remote cabin where she had gone to hide, but the mob is hot on their heels. They end up on a train going through the Canadian Rockies with, you guessed it, a trio of assassins trying to kill them before they get to safety. The perfect Saturday afternoon movie.

8. "Jacob's Ladder." Vietnam veteran Jacob Singer returns home and gets a job with the post office. But weird things keep happening to him. He keeps having dreams that he is still with his ex-wife and that his dead son is still alive. Weirder still, demons seem to be trying to kill him. Helped by an oddly angelic chiropractor played by Danny Aiello, Jacob must unravel the mystery of his life before he can have any peace.

Come on over! We'll make popcorn and watch movies together!

* * *

PS--today I got to meet my bloggy friend Pouty Lips and I can report that she is just as peachy in person as she is in the blogosphere. One or both of us will post on that soon!



Elizabeth Bradley said...

I get so mad when people trash "The Bridges of Madison County". It was a good movie. A bad book that sold like nobody's business, but a good movie.

Anonymous said...

Bridges of Madison County was awesome. The scene where she is in the truck with her husband and behind Clint Eastwood at the traffic light was gut wrenching.

Another good one for me is Boys on the Side. Have you seen that one?

Fireblossom said...

Yup, Elizabeth, I think the reason such a poorly written book sold so well was because underneath all that hack writing was a beautiful story that a lot of people could really relate to and care about. Thanks for the comment and for following!

Oh gosh, Kristen, gut-wrenching is exactly the phrase for it. I'm so glad to hear from others who loved this movie. And yes, a girlfriend found out I had never seen "Boys On The Side" and said I HAD to see it and so we made a date and watched it. It's another good one. :-)

Riot Kitty said...

I'm there, I'm there! :)

Anonymous said...

A little princess was my favorite book growing up.

I would love to meet some of my blogger friends in person - must be quite an experience.

Shadow said...

aaaah, i have a recording of jacobs ladder waiting for me. i might just get to it sooner now...

Daryl said...

I am with you on 60% of those .... and meeting another blogger, Pouty especially .. too cool!

Mama Zen said...

Steel Magnolias is one of my favorite movies ever!

G-Man said...

I'll eat some popcorn, but I ain't watchin no Chick Flick!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

ROFL, as for "better off dead" a huge in joke with my friends has always been to demand our two dollars from each other in stalkery weird ways...LOL!
Thanks for the great post!

Scarlet said...

Bridges of Madison County...I warn other women to watch out and not lose themselves in their marriages/families and to ALWAYS remember who they are and what they like. A wonderful movie, and I liked the book as well.

Better Off Dead...a Cusack classic! "I want my $2!" ;)

Okay, Chica, when do you want us over for the slumber party? I have a couple of ghost stories to share with you all!

Gwen R said...

My movie selections are more on the shallow side :)

Love and Hugs and Happy Monday!

Fireblossom said...

Wow, I guess it was two dollars, not five! I adjusted to 2000s dollars lol.

oOoo, I want to hear Scarlet's ghost stories!

Jannie Funster said...

Ooo, you met Pouty Lips? Lucky!

In number 6 is there the Dylan song?

Popcorn? I'd love to bring some but cannot.