Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Walnut Tree

A walnut tree

Leans over my house like a mother

And in the morning,

My bedroom window is shaded by her leafy branches hanging down

Like unbound hair.

All summer long,

She is a comforting companion

And she rustles in the breeze

As if she were folding clean sheets

Or moving about in long old-fashioned skirts.

But each year,

Usually in November,

She drops all her leaves in a single day,

As if autumn had simply broken her heart at a single stroke.

This winter just gone,

I knew exactly how she felt--

Both of us bare,


Bearing the weight of a hard winter on our shoulders.

Did my walnut tree know

That Nature will out?

Was she being coy

Not sharing what she knew?

Once again it's spring and she

Leans over the ones she loves.

She knows that, all unexpectedly,

Someone brought their sweetness

And my world greened up,

With summer and a warming trend

Blowing in from a western sky.



Anonymous said...

I love this Shay. You hang in there, okay?

Riot Kitty said...


pheromone girl said...

Wow. Oh, wait I said that last time. What's bigger than WOW?


Mama Zen said...

"Double wow" with a "I can't believe you give this stuff away" chaser?


A Lady's Life said...

I love this poem.
Of course. Every one wants to be loved :) You are teasing right lol

Kay said...

I want a walnut tree...

Scarlet said...

The hope of spring and better days ahead. A beautiful poem!

I hope you feel the love tonight because it's right here/there/everywhere.

Take care, Chica!


Shadow said...

just goes to show, you don't need a brain to know, all you need is instinct...

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness for spring.

Daryl said...

Even she misses Queen Molly...

Anonymous said...


My tree in our front yard loses all it's leaves all at once too.

jinksy said...

This wass a very poignant poem, I thought...

Jannie Funster said...


Fireblossom said...

Thanks, Kristin. I will, I know the Queen would want me to. ;-)

Thanks, Twin!

I had a fine muse for this one, PG. ;-)

oOo, thanks for that, MZ! I love that comment.

I never tease, LL. Ask anybody here. :-P

Come sit under mine, Kay. ;-)

I wouldn't doubt it if you say so, Scarlet! :-)

I believe that to the tips of my toes, Shadow. I don't even need to think about it first! ;-)

You said it, K. :-)

Aww, Daryl, gee. I like that idea.

Thanks Yaya! Aren't they nice trees? I wonder why they do that with the leaves? They just decide it's time, and whoosh, all at once.

Thanks Jinksy. :-)

Aching is my shtick, Jannie. ;-)