Friday, October 16, 2009

The Disappointing Child

I did not go to no Bryn Mawr,

I did not attend no

U-ni-versity of Mich-i-gan,

I did not become no doctor

Cuttin' people open

Lookee, ya got your


Your pan-cree-ass,

And so forth;

I'd like to

Cut ya open and see

Maybe that girl that wasn't me

Is still in there


Lemme out

Got dammit,

I wanna marry a CEO and have his

Devil babies.

I know I dint

Be that boy ya wanted

Collect 'em all,

Cos everybody knows,

Girls are not as good

They tend to be


And needy


Wtf can ya really do with one once ya got it?

I drive

A shit car

Just ta spite ya,

I carry the

Got dam mail

Right out in public for anybody to see,

And how can ya

Brag about that?

How can ya

One-up the neighbors

With shit like that?

No CEO's

No devil babies

No PT Cruiser no Escalade.

I wanna

Kiss another woman

While wearin' a name tag

That says I'm yours,

I wanna

Not cut the grass

Til the city makes me,

I wanna hurt you

Real bad

For not opening your eyes and seeing


Your got dam devil baby,

Who is an angel with words

If you'd only

Get the shit out of your ears,

Lookee here,

Ya got your


Live and in person

Right in front of your nose,

Yours, whether you like it or not,

Heart on her sleeve,

The girl who would have just loved to love you

If you would only have ever

Given me the chance.



Cloudia said...

"The girl who would have just loved to love you."


Aloha, Poetess Friend

Comfort Spiral

Ekanthapadhikan said...

Ops! I'm not a girl. But I sure am some one who admire you for your wild gypsy heart.

BelleAfriq said...

Beautiful words, rebellious and absolutely dead on. What we are all feeling and really want to say. Thanks for this!

Scarlet said...

YOU are an angel with words...anyone can see that! :)

Dulce said...

Hey naughty girl. Why are you writing so wild? You scare me again Gypsy, Queen, Goddess, Grasshopper.
How can anybody write such rebelious stuff in a poem? oh yes, woman... YOU CAN! ;)
Sweeeeeeeeeeeter Hugs

ellen abbott said...

Chills at the end. That one went deep.

Mama Zen said...

We love you. That's all I can say.

Shadow said...

if you feel it, say it! nice one shay!!!

Gabriella Moonlight said...

"I wanna hurt you real bad for not seeing me" wow! That is exactly how I feel in this moment in my life, to so many...I may have to quote that in my next post to link to yours as it really is a sentiment I have felt for so!!!

How you reach into your soul and this magnificence spills out amazes me...and makes me grateful that there are wordsmiths like you in the world Shay!


RachelW said...

I love this, yeah. Sweet attitude.

pheromone girl said...

*stomps foot*

Riot Kitty said...

I love it! Is that Tina in the pic, or ??

Fireblossom said...

You are all super sweet and I LOVE you guys right back!

Twin, I actually don't know if that's Tina or someone else. What's love got to to do with it? ;-)

Dulce said...

My dear friend I also watch for your comments at my blog.When you do late, I start wondering and missing you. You are the best!

Kelly Dickson said...

Sing it sister, I love sassy shay x

spottedwolf said...

Quite the passionate rant. Did you speak it directly or just wish in hindsight and waste it on thin air?

mac said...

Perhaps you didn't get no degrees at no university, but you have learned well.

hedgewitch said...

I see the foamy, maenad precursor of Coal here. Forceful beyond image, which is forceful enough always in your writing, but because of the language, wielded like a gutting knife, not your usual stiletto. You don't need me to tell you how good this is, but I do.