Thursday, October 1, 2009


Athena's mother told Zeus,

"I will bear children mightier than you"

So Zeus swallowed Athena's mother

To keep her words from ever coming true.

Poor boy,

Poor boy,

There are things that even gods

Can and cannot do.

Inside her mother's body,

Athena already magnificently grew.

Inside of Zeus's body

Athena's mother grew revenge enough for two.

Poor boy,

Poor boy,

There is no telling what a righteous angry woman

Can really do to you.

Athena's midwife was the labrys.

From Zeus's forehead, Athena sprang unharmed.

Behold your daughter, born a goddess,

She arrives fully formed and fully armed.

Poor boy,

Poor boy,

Athena, mistress of war and wisdom,

Has come to deal with you.

Athena brought an owl and a lion--

The owl grew more loyal,

The lion simply grew.

Zeus's daughter, in his dotage, will remind him

There are things that even gods

Can and cannot do.


Labrys--a double sided axe


Ekanthapadhikan said...

A really good poem. Flawless is what I can say about this. I think you should call yourself Wordsmith or Wordsmithy than Fireblossom!

G-Man said...

Whoa!!! And that was WAY before Prilosec was invented!!

Daryl said...

Morale of the story is chew, do not simply gulp down your goddesses

Dulce said...

You are a genious woman and goddess, you are! ;)

ellen abbott said...

And they cannot stop a woman from being. I loved this on Shay. and that is an incredible illustration.

Kay said...

there is? haha very cute. if you are interested in books, allow me to recommend 'gods behaving badly' by marie phillips; i think it is one you may enjoy :)

Riot Kitty said...


mac said...

This is why I'm happy I'm not a god. All the jealousy and worry would drive me bonkers.

Unlike Zeus, I'd be happy for Athena's mother to bear a child mightier than me...if it was a girl child, all the better :-)

Scarlet said...

Oh, Chica, you've outdone yourself with this one...a beautiful warning. I should have a few men I know read this.

nollyposh said...

SHeeks the Greeks sure know how to make a God!

Shadow said...

aaaah, beware the goddess...

cherie said...

wow, you really portrayed wrath like no other! hats off!

Pouty Lips said...

"Don't fool with Mother Goddess." (insert thunderbolt.)

Hmmm, I'm imagining this...Born out of a head, fully armed; Daddy turned mommy into a fly in order to swallow her...and I thought I have problems.

Just imagine the headaches that man must have had during the gestation period.

Mama Zen said...

I love the repetition. It gives this an almost hypnotic feel.

T said...

Wow, again, I read this one a couple of times and just worded and expressed perfectly!

Anonymous said...

I love this one. Beautiful poem.

I've always loved this myth.