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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Come And Get It

Come and get it.
I will pull bones from myself and bang a dirge on the hollows.
Why the face?
You have broken them so many times, they snap out easy.
Come and get it.
Come and get it while it's hot,
On fire with the word.
Come and dig its glowing little happy ass right out of the slag heap.

I made a centerpiece.
It's still fighting, but only a little.
Talk to it.
Tell it that shit you always told me.
Sock it right in the kisser,
Then it will shut up.
It's still moving,
You're not trying.

Come and smile until nobody can stand it anymore.
Bake someone happy.
Shove them right into the brick oven of your love.
Frost them.
Fuck them seven ways to Sunday.
Come and get it,
I don't want it.
Kiss it and call it Charley, just get it the hell out of here.

Come and get yourself.
Take yourself home with you.
Be very happy with yourself,
And leave the rest of us stuffed in our vases,
Bloomless and thorny,
But still talking,
If only to curse you in this and every other language
Ever spoken in extremity by the damned.


  1. I thought I could rant with the best of em, but I see now I am a total amateur. This is just such a slap in the face, bucket of ice-water over the head, steel-toed boot in the ass--take your pick...esp visceral(in all meanings of the word) in that third stanza, and bloodcurdling in the second--the end, the black bloody wrapping paper. Glad I read it, sorry you had to write it.

  2. "It's still moving,
    You're not trying."

    This is telling somebody and making them like it.

  3. Oh my goddess, so many incredible lines there is no singling one out.......but I so love the bones and hollows and the "why the face". Also "it's still moving. You're not trying." This poem is full of fight and fire - "leave the rest of us stuffed in our vases..... but still talking." Keep talking - and writing - Shay - you are as brilliant as the brightest fire that can never go out.

  4. in this and every other language


    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  5. let'em have it shay...intense and vivid...and yet another reason i never want you mad at me...smiles.

  6. Come and get it.I will pull bones from myself and bang a dirge on the hollows....leave the rest of us stuffed in our many powerful lines...Getting some anger out!!

  7. look, Shay!
    It's me cloudia.

    I have a second gmail account and invited myself to be a 'team member' on my own blog. Now I have another way to control my blog if my email get's hijacked or something. Cool or schizophrenic?


  8. Wow! This poem could be used for some great stress relief...Kinda like when something makes me angry or tense and I blast a song from PINK...

  9. whoa, Nellie! i'm with brian ~ i NEVER want you mad at me! ♥


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