Sunday, December 18, 2011

Let's Dialogue

I knew I should be quiet,
But my mouth went on talking without me
And, oh, the things it said.

I didn't know your eyes could go big like that--
2 little shocked stars undressing.
And when your jaw drops and you squint,
I see a locomotive coming down the tracks--
I'm gonna have to think of something
Think of something fast.

I know I should be careful,
But two idle hands can get so bored
And oh, the stuff they pull.

I didn't know a thing could go up like that--
Just from a little drug store lighter.
And when you're really angry and you go so silent,
I know you're gonna kick my ass--
I'm gonna need a really convincing little tap dance
Aren't I, baby?
Wait a second, baby.
Oh sweet Jesus in a pinafore,
I'm gonna need it fast.
art by Eugenio Recuenco (thanks, Kerry!)

This poem was the first one written in my new journal, a gift from the peerless Hedgewitch O' The Wilds. Thank you, dear! I do love it! (journal shown below)

And, a little music to go with the poem...


Kerry O'Connor said...

Oh, if I knew where you get these lines: "2 little shocked stars undressing.."
Originality is a gift you have in spades - that leap from inspiration to creation. Time the literary community sat up and took notice.

Mama Zen said...

I'm adding "Oh sweet Jesus in a pinafore" to my book of useful phrases.

Gorgeous journal!

hedgewitch said...

two little shocked stars undressing! What a line--and while I know this poem is about the serious issue of the big time trouble one's mouth can get on in, I can't help but laugh and love it all the way, what with all that Fireblossom air in its floaty balloon. I am so happy you are scribbling in your present already--someday historians or crazed fans will pay thousands for it on E-Bay, I know.

hedgewitch said...

get ONE in, not on in...sigh

Sioux said...

I think it will be crazed historians who will be clamoring for it.

What a gorgeous journal, and what an exquisite line--"sweet Jesus in a pinafore."

Marion said...

Wowzer, Shay. I want your brain for ten minutes, just ten minutes! I have that exact same journal and love that artist. I have one word to describe this: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious


I both love you & hate you, you prolific bitch. I have a tres serious case of poem-envy. Tee-Hee..

Helen said...

Crazy good! comments aren't bad either ....

ellen abbott said...

oh yeah, the mouth and hands are faster than the brain.

Brian Miller said... had me chuckling shay...better be quick on that come back you know...

and what great taste hedge gifts and friends...smiles...nice one to break it in on...

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Me too, re the "2 little shocked stars undressing". Yes, if I could rent your brain long enough to write ONE of your poems I would be satisfied. But it is definitely lovely to read them, one new wonderment every single day. Wow. I have NO CLUE why you are not wildly famous already. Truly.

Lynn said...

That song is perfect with your poem. :)

TALON said...

Such vibrant and lyrical writing, Shay. The new journal becomes you :)

HermanTurnip said...

Very cool. I loved the flow of this piece.

Here's hoping that a Zippo was used, and not some cheap disposable...

Caty said...

hahaha! yeah, I'm usually fairly quiet, but sometimes the filter from my brain to my mouth gets a little glitch, and then uh-oh. Beautiful journal, Shay...I bet it'll be soon filled with gorgeous and colorful lines :) I agree with Hedgewitch's comment about Ebay too!

Lolamouse said...

"Sweet Jesus in a pinafore" has got to be the best thing I've heard in ages! Do you talk the way you write? If you do, I could just listen to you for hours on end.

Anonymous said...

i agree "Sweet Jesus in a pinafore" is one of the BEST. lines. ever.

another kick-ass poem from you, Shay! ♥

Anonymous said...

Love this. I hope you're submitting your work to zines cuz it'd be a damn shame to deprive others of your crazywisewonderful voice.