Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Lovely Bride

She made a lovely bride.
Wearing her white dress, she looked like a sexy cloud.

Her happy groom had their days planned out ahead of them,
As numerous and alike as the whiskers on his cheeks when he smiled.

Later, no one would admit to having invited the wolf--
To having brought the wolf;
Perhaps he brought himself, from deep in the forest's secret heart.

Up the aisle he came,
Right in the middle of the ceremony.
No one had a gun,
(it wasn't that kind of wedding)
And so no one knew a way to stop him.
He helped himself to a big fat bite of organdy and lace--
As if confusing the bride
With the wedding cake--
And half-dragged, half-carried her off to his sylvan hideaway.


Maybe her perfume attracted him.
Maybe she knew him before.
Maybe she knew him still!
She had only been standing there, trying to get married,
But the woman always gets the blame, yes?

The groom wept, then shouted,
"What do they want?"

Here is what we want:
In the morning, the bride crawled out of the wolf's den,
Her dress in shreds and tatters, bloody,
With scratches all over her skin and leaves in her hair,
Stinking to high heaven of wolf.
"Wow!" said the bride.

In a few years,
She will divorce the wolf
When he forgets her birthday again--
When he forgets to bathe or use cutlery--
When he drags home another big dead-ass elk, expecting her to turn it into pot roast.

But it will be all right.
There will be no kids.
In time, she will find somebody different--
More human, maybe.
More verbal.
Maybe even female!
Who really knows? But when that day comes,
One thing won't have changed at all--

She will make a lovely bride.

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T. A. Smith said...

Well shoot, I like that even better than my fairy tale. Want to shoot a wolf? I've got one barking orders over here. ;)

Yousei Hime

Brian Miller said...

of course she will...and we all dance with the wolf on occassion, whether by choice or just blind desire....

Sioux said...

Those wolves are quite alluring...

Mark Windham said...

The bride is always beautiful, and the wolf is always a wolf. Great tale (tail?).

Helen said...

From what dark, delicious place did this come? Amazing!

I've known a few wolves in my life ... they come in many forms - some in sheep's clothing.

Brandee Shafer said...

Well-spun. Gripping, even.

Mama Zen said...

Oh, girl! Only you . . .

hedgewitch said...

I know there are the usual dark and serious matters here, but I laughed twice--once at "It wasn't that kind of wedding," and again at "But it will be alright. There will be no kids." Too bad there's always so much of the marriage part left after the bride dress up is over. That one moment of such hope and dream--how could anything, even something completely feral, live up to it?

Anonymous said...

I know a female wolf, but that's a story I'm not allowed to write about much. :)
Loved this. Excellent. I enjoyed the western flavor and raw richness of your words coupled with the tenderness of your expression and point you make so well/

Shawna said...

This is hilarious! I love "sexy cloud" and "a big fat bite of organdy and lace" ... perfect ending too.


Buddah Moskowitz said...

Please forgive the profanity, but this was fucking great! This is a poem alive and bleeding! Perhaps because I lived this wedding in 1994, so I don't know if this was autobiographical, but baby, you're a star!

I love you(r writing)!- Mosk

Anonymous said...

A totally inappropriate conclusion I'm sure, but wish I had been "saved" by a wolf instead of staying with the teary groom.

Zoe said...

She will indeed be beautiful. I am glad that she got to crawl out of the wolf's den this time. Brilliant portrayal of a situation seen all too often. Great poem.

Fred Rutherford said...

Oh what a great piece. love the conversational narrative, the subtle humor, the shotgun wedding aside was a great touch, definitely a fairy tale type of write. I saw many different metaphors here, layered atop each other, which I always enjoy coming across a piece that works on so many levels. Great job. Thanks

Kerry O'Connor said...

Yeesh.. much truth in this twisted tale. I love the little asides (It wasn't that kind of wedding)

Anonymous said...


Lynn said...

Ooooh - that is delightful and creepy at the same time. :) Love the part about the wolf screwing up, as people inevitably do.

LL Cool Joe said...

But will she make such a lovely bride this time, or will she be slightly tarnished. That's what a wolf does to you.

Wolfsrosebud said...

why does the wolf always get the bad rap... interesting story you've spun

Daryl Edelstein said...

its always the bad boys, isnt it

Anonymous said...

Fantastic story telling! Of course, I like it because of the wolf reference, but there is so much more to it than that. I really enjoyed this!

nene said...

Dear, dear Shay, I wish the wolf had never found you but it has. I wish its fangs would rot and fall off. Then I wish you'd gather the lasting fibers, the shreds of your wedding dress and reconstruct it, re-sew it to its incepted beauty and you could once again wear it with the innocence initially intended.

Wolf(lupus) is a ravinous canine whose appetite has yet not been sated or a food has not yet been found to cure its insatiable appetite.

I wish only good thoughts for you.

Tu amigo, :)

Lolamouse said...

Whether you marry the wolf or the whiny pup, you end up cleaning up after him and feeding him! I do so love your fractured fairy tales!

Arron Shilling said...

i enjoyed the whole of its sweep - imagination especially - i suspect the reasons i liked it so much are much the same as yours in the writing... :)

Matt D said...

A cool story,
it taps into archetypes
and makes me wonder if what we desire
is always what we want ...
very fascinating.