Thursday, March 1, 2012

Science For Girls

Water vapor in the cloud--
Same-same, baby,
You can't choose out one from within the other.

The water drop rolls and rises inside the cloud--
Sun, Moon,
Still call strong and she answers.

Water drop cloaks herself
In more and more of herself--
She rolls again and falls;
The Earth calls, so Cloud and Moon let go,

But still they cover her with themselves
Until the next roll and turn,
Feeling each other in the quick of each other


Sherry Blue Sky said...

Sigh. So beautiful. One of the best love poems I've ever read.

Sioux said...

"But still they cover her with themselves
Until the next rool and turn,
Feeling each other in the quick of each other

If someone said, "A gorgeous poem can be written about the water cycle," I'd say, "Bull!"

I stand corrected...

Liza Ursu said...

I love that opening stanza.
what a beautiful piece, thank you for sharing.

Mama Zen said...

Um, is there going to be a test?

Beautiful, Shay.

Lolamouse said...

Maybe if they had taught science like this, I would have liked it more! Love the photo too! Where do you get all your cool photos?

Cloudia said...

why thank YOU!

Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

>< } } ( ° >

Ella said...

Beautiful,yes we need a poetic science class
How cool that would be
You could teach it ; )

Brian Miller said...

i like it...even if i am a boy....

it is great to see ami isnt it...smiles.

HermanTurnip said...

I admit, I had to turn off the Rick James jam that was playing in iTunes to concentrate on this piece. Found this to be more of a challenging work when compared to the vast majority of your other poems. Two double-jointed thumbs up!

K9friend said...

I really like the image of Earth calling Water drop...very spiritual.

Critter Alley

Fireblossom said...

Clearly, I've been too obscure this time. (clearly i've been unclear?!?) What I was writing about here was, on the most basic level, the water cycle, yes; but what I was really about was mothers and daughters.

We all begin our lives within someone else. And it is often said to be true that young children remain closer to Heaven than the rest of us, for a while ...therefore, the call of Sun and Moon still heard.

Over time, an unborn child grows and turns, moves, becomes bigger and more herself, until she "falls" or is born. I meant the call of Earth as the call a child's own independent life, and the letting go of the mother and of Heaven to allow that. But, the connection and the loving care remain, and are primal. And so, the last lines ...separation, but enduring connection.

Back to the drawing board.

Anonymous said...

this is stunning on both levels, Shay ~

a given under physics {is that the correct science?} for the water cycle...

what should be and what's hoped for with a child {unless they have clingy, narcissistic, manipulative mothers.} {sorry}

"Feeling each other in the quick of each other"

i love that!

{oh, my post is up at Fireblossom Friday ~ i got to be first!!!!}

Fireblossom said...

^^^Dani, I had to use my imagination, you're right! I was thinking of a healthy m/d relationship, not the twisted shit that you and I got handed!

And I LOVED your post for Fireblossom Friday!

Kerry O'Connor said...

If all my geography lessons had been this creative, I may have paid better attention.
As the mother of daughters, I love the aptness of your metaphor: little drops inseparable from the cloud.

Hannah Stephenson said...

This is a really good one, Shay. You should submit it to places...

I love the title, and that "same-same."

TALON said...

Science would be so much more enjoyable if spoken so beautifully and poetically, Shay.

Daryl Edelstein said...

from one comes the other .. I get it

hedgewitch said...

Thanks for clarifying, Shay. I was getting the sense of oneness, the particular one with the more enfolding universal, but the mother-daughter thing(perhaps because of my own lack of a positive feeling there) I didn't see. Love the language, and the thought of each within the other.

Isadora Gruye said...

Feeling each other in the quick of each other
Always....I can see the mother/daughter relationship there, and to be honest, it intrigues me that you explored that bond in such an original manner.

With mothers you can go the Sylvia Plath/ Kathy Acker route or apparently the hallmark tender moments route, but you forged a path of your very own here. I loved this, from the title (awesome!) to the very last lines which I have regurgitated here to admire.

This one definitely gets the Nice Cage stamp of approval...all your work does,but I do not tell you that enough! Thanks for posting and Viva la

Anonymous said...

I read tutelage here -- not so much the science of accreting fact as a digestion of it, the stuff of wisdom -- mother to daughter but also sister to sister, for this is about kindreds, kindred spirit, like to like. There was also a lesbian clarity in the final two lines --

Feeling each other in the quick of each other

-- that is most precise in the science of the art of the heart. High five from across the gender fence. - Brendan