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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Jaguar Black

Jaguar black
Is the rain-beat pulse
At my wrist,
At my throat,
The animating ghost my body is cage for;
A cat's whisker
Searching in the dark for your hand.

If I had golden eyes,
If I were sandalwood incense burning
Beside you,
I would move through the stars like silver grasses;
I would borrow moonlight for my coat,
To make myself beautiful
So that you would love the very skies
I fall from.

Jaguar black
Is the trees at night
Whose hard embrace holds me,
Whose canopy carries my almost-human cry,
In darkness
In hopelessness
That my desire would ever be haven for
A touch returned
That can never be mine.


Using two of Shawna's Monday Melting words, "jaguar" and "incense."


  1. "pretty stupidity" ... What a great tag. :) I should use that instead of "humor" on mine.

    I love black jaguars. You can't get much sexier than that. They're dangerous, sleek, and untouchable.

    Love this:
    "Jaguar black
    Is the rain-beat pulse"

    "At my wrist,
    At my throat" ... Mmmm, your most vulnerable places. If sliced just right, they'll bleed you dry.

    Body can be the worst kind of cage.

    "sandalwood incense" ... Yum.

    "I would move through the stars like silver grasses" ... My favorite line.

    "Whose canopy carries my almost-human cry" ... So heavy and sad, the canopy is probably breaking from the weight.

    You've effectively conveyed a deep hopelessness. Now I feel like I need to have a good cry. ;)

  2. This singing mix of animal and insubstantial, natural and emotional worlds with all the things of the heart, and the yearning that seems to cover this with its sleek black fur, make this another one that forces me to tear out the three hairs that had regrown since last time.You know I'm not a big quoter, but I loved "...A cat's whisker/searching in the dark for your hand..." what a feeling.

  3. I always burn sandalwood incense on a Sunday morning, and when I read your words, I thought how well the scent describes the feral cat with golden eyes. Love this poem.

  4. Going to try sandalwood incense, you know you made me want to!! Is that Kim Novak in the 'kitty photo?'

  5. I loved the line Hedgewitch quoted as well. And I've pulled so many hairs out of my head over your poetry that I'm now as bald as Rush Limbaugh's butt will be as soon as I'm done ripping it up over his stupidity. (Yes, his bust is now--I believe--in a place where other honored Missourians are on display in our state capitol. AND they--a coincidence?--just installed a security camera in hall where the bust is. There have been busts there for years. Why now the need for extra eyes watching?)

    Oh, sorry. Let me wipe the spittle from my chin. Great poem, as always, Shay. You're the most mercurial writer I've ever encountered. Different tones. Different forms. Different rhythms. Wicked good.

  6. Oh my Goddess, your writing is always the best stuff I read, but this is one of your most beautiful. Lyrical, longing and lovely.

  7. "You're the most mercurial writer I've ever encountered."

    What a great compliment on your work!

  8. I have missed so much ... love this

  9. "The animating ghost my body is cage for"

    That is so, so beautiful.

  10. Very emotional poetry. Thanks for sharing the intimate reflections. I am grateful to Mama Zen for guiding me here.


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