Reanimated Lavender Granola Switchblade Nun rides again.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Wheat & Lavender

The sky is always in motion
As are the swaying heads of wheat or lavender,
Whose very roots are carried with the turning earth
Moving, like the blood within our veins,
And our passions born there.

My darling, you are always near me;
Even when we seem to exist apart, please believe
That soon enough, you will hear me
Coming back again, through wheat and lavender,
To hold your name as close as skin to breeze.


  1. I love the idea of the roots being in motion with the earth's turning - that is so contrary to the usual idea of them being fixed in place.
    Lavender is one of my great loves, and I have bushes of it all around my garden, so this poem comes with a fragrance all its own. Lovely.

  2. Love poems are your forte, my dear, and this one smells of lavender and lace, and the good earth.

  3. Yes, no one writes love the way you do, kiddo. This is beautiful. And I love the photo, too.

  4. This is the best kind of pretty.

  5. Every word is my favorite, but I'm slightly more partial to the opening and closing lines. Wheat and lavender are the most beautiful couple I've ever known.

    "As are the swaying heads of wheat or lavender" ... This makes me think of two people in side-to-side slow motion, dancing top-heavy to Pink Floyd.

  6. you've left me speechless and breathless!

  7. You have taken my breath away with this one Shay!!!!

  8. The poetry is beautiful. I also had no idea lavender fields were so beautiful. The beginning of June I am invited to photograph harvesting weekend at a lavender field a couple of hours away. Now I am SO excited!


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